Brent Spiner & LeVar Burton on StarTalk Radio

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    StarTalk Radio is hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York, author of several books on science, and host of the in-production remake of Cosmos. Usually, Tyson and a comedian discuss science news and interview someone. I'm downloading this one now. :D

    StarTalk Radio has done other Trek-themed shows before, interviewing both Whoopi Goldberg and Nichelle Nichols.
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    Spiner doesn't look happy in that main photo!
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    What a great interview. The host sounded like he was having a great time. :lol:

    I love Brent so much. He's just so funny in every interview I've seen/heard. And he's gorgeous too. He's such a silver fox. And Fresh Hell's great!

    LeVar always comes accross as a really nice guy.

    I love that Brent and LeVar do so many interviews, con panels and things together. It makes the TNG nerd in me very happy that they're good friends in real life, just like Data and Geordi. :D