BLACK WIDOW vs LUCY - Doppelgangland #5 9/3/2016

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Black Widow vs Lucy

  1. Black Widow

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  2. Lucy

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  3. "Think you're tough?" Natasha says. "Meet my friend Lucy."

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    (portrayed by Scarlett Johansson)

    One is an international covert operative. The other is an unwilling drug mule who evolves into the ultimate human. One is trained to manipulate others with words. The other can manipulate others with her brain. One is on a team of superheroes. The other...became a cosmic thumb drive?

    Okay, this one may be a no-brainer, because even though they both have the same fighting moves Lucy augments them with Q-like powers, but we know Natasha can talk the Hulk down, so maybe she can get Lucy to play nice?

    You figure it out. Does Lucy layeth the cosmic smackdown on Agent Romanov, or does the Black Widow find a way to lay Lucy to rest? Or, does Natasha use her charm to turn Lucy to her purposes?

    What say you?

    BLACK WIDOW: "It's a good way not to die..."

    LUCY: "We never really die."