Big Finish announce 60th Anniversary epic "Once and Future"

Past Lives was dull in the way that so many of BF’s celebratory stories are dull— it offers a novel arrangement of nostalgia elements BF uses all the time and then runs them through a pedestrian script severely lacking in cleverness or charm— but I rather liked The Artist at the End of Time. The plot is standard fare, and the script is missing the crackle of the best DW anniversary stuff, but there’s a quietly interesting character study of the Doctor and the Curator running under the surface, and it resists the temptation to retread Doctor/Jenny ground from Relative Time.
A Genius for War falls between these extremes. Jonathan Morris’s script is more focused and compelling than Past Lives, but it’s a kind of story you’ve heard a million times before. It doesn’t feel celebratory, just dutiful. I enjoyed listening to it once, but I doubt I’ll ever think about it again.
I'm sure a bigger picture must emerge eventually but so far there's little tweeking that would be needed to make them just regular stories. At least AG4W is the first one to actually work the degeneration into the plot.
I just saw the email about that! I'm very excited for that story. I've been wanting to see him meet the Paternoster Gang for ages now so that should be a lot of fun. The fact that it also has Missy makes it even better.

...which reminds me again that I really need to get to the previous entries in this series. Regardless of what people have been saying about them.
Yes: “The First Doctor arrives in Victorian London amid a Martian invasion. But he discovers all is not what it seems when Missy appears…Soon, the Doctor is propelled into a future incarnation – the Tenth”…

Since we know Eccleston is in one of these stories as well, the Doctor’s probably going to get “propelled” at least once more.
Oh, yes, I love their Twitter account. Fun, informative, and engaging without ever feeling obnoxious like so many other company accounts do.
So "Two's Company" is another entry that falls into the OK but nothing special category.

It all has to resort to that much abused Big Finish trope of the convenient memory wipe to keep continuity intact; though even then it gets it wrong by forgetting that everything from "Aliens of London" on takes place a year in the future.

I do wonder if part of the problem is that this is a series they spent years recording whenever people were free, so it doesn't have any overall consistency. Hell, Tom Baker's one was recorded when the idea of Eccleston signing on would have seemed impossible.
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Well that was easily the best one so far. The plot actually advanced and the guest stars didn't feel crowbared in. The downside of it is that Tennant and Gomez work so well together it's depressing that this will almost certainly be the only time it happens.

Even the extras are worth a listen for once with some interesting revelations about the origin/writing of the story and just how much of Michelle Gomez' performance is pure improvisation.
Details for the penultimate installment have dropped. In addition to the expected Paul McGann, it also features Tom Baker (looks like the Doctor will be bouncing between incarnations within the episode), Carole Ann Ford, and Alex Kingston.
Oh dear. 'Time Lord Immemorial' is the most disappointing of the series so far.

For understandable reasons it's more of a depressing last performance from David Warner rather than a triumphant send-off but why cast Robert Powell and then distort his voice so much that the part could have been played by anybody?

Listening to the extras it once again comes across that this whole series was slapped together based on actor availability and interest rather being story led.

Gina McKee seems to only be there to allow her to work with Eccleston again, rather than because the Lumiat was needed in it. And Liv is in it because Nicola Walker happens to be one of UK TV's biggest actors but will always make time to do some work for Big Finish.

And I know these stories were recorded over the span of years and out of order, but that doesn't excuse having this story contradict last month's story in terms of how the whole degeneration thing is working. They still have a series producer and script editor.
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Yeah, that was rather unfortunate. Lisa McMullin’s previous script for this series also had a pretty random assortment of returning characters, but there she constructed a plot that gave them individual moments to shine. Here she decided that a top-tier cast required an “epic” plot, with the result that nothing has any context, specificity, or dramatic weight. You could plug pretty much any Doctor Who characters into this script and none of the dialogue would feel particularly wrong or particularly right.
That really does sound like him.

Damn, I wish I had the time and money to listen to this series. I'm soooo far behind on Big Finish. :(