Best Star Wars & Terminator novels-Need Recommendations...*SPOILERS*

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    Re: Best Star Wars & Terminator novels-Need Recommendations...*SPOILER

    I'm the opposite, I have little interest in non-big three novels, though I have to say that if Legacy or KOTOR were to get novels I would look into them given I really enjoy the comics (for the most part).

    I have suspect that I'll never see the Big three die...or Wedge. Seriously for a character that had what, 10 minutes screen time in 7 hours of film, he is surprisingly invincible.

    I wouldn't knock the Star Wars comic lines, they have produced some really great stuff over the years. Personally I think Dark Empire would be a better 7,8,9 than the Thrawn Trilogy.

    If you are looking for a non-Big three medium the comics is the way to go as two of their biggest lines are set 4,000 BBY (KOTOR comics) and 140 ABY (Legacy) so the big three are not in them...except for in Legacy where you see a few Force ghosts. My interest waned in the EU due to the Dark Nest trilogy and the seemingly unnecessary Mandalorianisation of the Legacy of the Force series and the comics kept that fire burning. Now its the expense of the fate of the Jedi series as they are all hardcover holding me back, but at least the plotlines I've read on the novels have got my interest again.

    I'm in the minority here but I think the Zahn's first trilogy are vastly overrated. As said above the X-Wing novels are an easy way to get into the EU, it's how I did it so I might be a bit biased. It has minimal big three if you want to avoid that as well.

    Two trilogies in the EU that I think are vastly underrated by many are the Black Fleet Crisis and the Lando Calrissian Trilogy. However, as entry novels they probably aren't that suitable. Lando's novels were written pre-modern EU and make use of a character that the EU has, in my opinion, not used enough of all that well. The BFC is quite "slow" compared to the EU norm and I read that quite a few people find it boring or laborious but I found it to be a rewarding series.

    Some of the Clone War novels are also quite good. Shatterpoint is my standout for that timeline. It's a novel that focuses on Mace Windu.

    Also don't discount the novelisations of the movies. They can be great for expanding your views on the characters. As weird as it might sound but after reading the novelisation of Ep III I came to like the movie more as I felt I understood why this happened or the motivations of the characters. The Force Unleashed is also meant to be a good novel.
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    Re: Best Star Wars & Terminator novels-Need Recommendations...*SPOILER


    Good post!

    And, hey, I like Wedge....:lol:
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    Re: Best Star Wars & Terminator novels-Need Recommendations...*SPOILER

    My problem with the Black Fleet Crisis was that (a) in light of the prequels, one entire subplot is a non-starter, (b) Leia acted out of character through most of it, (c) what the heck are K-wings, and (d) I don't remember much else about it so it couldn't have been all that great.