Best line in star trek hstory

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    This is the phrase that probably saved my life. As a teenager I became suicidal, because of physical abuse and self-hatred for being gay. One afternoon, that episode of TOS came on... it made me pause... and realize that I really am special... and just maybe I'm worth living. So for me, IMHO, this is the "best line in Star Trek history" and always will be.

    More recently, I also like nuMcCoy's background [Karl Urban had to be channeling Dee Kelley when he ad-libbed this line]:
    I love this line from McCoy, too:
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    There are many great lines. One of my favorites is the exchange between Kirk and Scotty in "Trouble with Tribbles". Kirk slowly coming to realize that the integrity of the Enterprise means more to Scotty then the integrity of its captain. :) Plus, Scotty's delight at his "punishment".
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    ^^^Thanks for sharing, Sector 7. That McCoy quote resonates with me, too.
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    Picard - "After all, number one, we're only mortal."
    Riker - "Speak for yourself, sir. I plan to live forever."

    Great. I love it.