Best CD Versions of Music Scores

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    In cases where we have mulitiple versions of a Star Trek score, which do you prefer?

    My choices:

    - The Corbomite Maneuver:
    I still like the Royal Philharmonic for sonics and stereo, and Fred Steiner really nailed it on his second opportunity.

    - Mirror, Mirror:
    With all due respect to Steiner, the best stuff was the fight music and Kirk's inspirational speech ("In every revolution..."). And those cues are in the LLL set. Gotta have it.

    - The Empath:
    I go for the Royal Phil because the original synthesizer sound isn't to my liking. It came off a little too buzzy for me.

    - The Paradise Syndrome:
    A tough call. This score gains a lot from the Royal Phil sonics, but at the big emotional conclusion, LLL is deep in magic territory. I still need both.

    - The Conscience of the King:
    This is where the LLL set really struts its stuff! I just love "Conscience." The LLL version has all the missing cues, which were sorely missed because they're superb, and the sound is fantastic. Impeccable. This is a no-brainer.

    - The Doomsday Machine:
    I'm not letting any cats out of the bag when I say the Royal Philharmonic is not a contender here; it's between GNP and LLL. I haven't even played the LLL version yet. I like the GNP, I've heard there's a big difference, and I'm almost kind of nervous about it. Weird, huh?