B'Elanna in Klingon gear

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    You know you're right. Of the Klingons we've seen through the ages.

    None of these (except B'Elanna) had anything resembling anger management issues. You look at episodes like "Heart of Glory", "Redemption", "Once More Into The Breach" which feature numerous Klingons interacting with one another and they all get along as well as humans do. B'Elanna by comparison comes off as having a chip on her shoulder and uses her mixed heritage to scapegoat her behavior.
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    This is obviously the Klingon version of Xena's armour. ;)

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    That's really side stepping my point.

    My point was the fans LOVE Klingon stories and by pulling the "I hate myself because I'm Klingon" they alienated her from those stories right out of the get go and destroyed the potential for her having those stories.

    They could have had those self loathing / emo stories without her being Klingon.