Being Human series 5

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    Ah right. That did seem unnecessary. Apparently though there will be an extra/deleted scene on the DVD that will clarify the ending properly. I understand why it was put there (well, presumably) to leave it open for more if another series were to ever happen. But it really wasn't needed as it stands, and was far too similar to a... certain blockbuster sci-fi film about dreams from a few years, shall we say.
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    I can't remember who said it but I think I was in the future... "If you think there's traitor, some one working against you for the enemy and you have no idea who it is, take hint, and look at who you're sleeping with, because it's most likely her."

    There's no such thing as happily ever after, hell, I'm not sure if I believe in contentedly ever after, or even painlessly ever after... So if you think everything is blissful, then you're most likely in the midst of a delusional episode that's probably going to end in a stroke.

    They all lose their curses without warning and live happily ever after?

    Fuck that.

    Happily ever after?

    That's never happened before to anyone and will never happen to any one ever after.

    I call Shenanigans!

    I don't see why I have to.

    They're in the Devil's Matrix.

    Nick Scratch was too cheep to keep building new universes to host his fantasies for these rubes.

    And that's how we know.

    The alternative is... With his dying breath the devil left behind a tiny mind fuck.

    Not leprosy, or blindness but a tiny mind fuck Tom is too stupid to figure out and the other two don't have enough information to unravel.

    What a cutfucking rate Devil!

    (Yes it was just like Inception, if Inception didn't exist, this wouldn't be half as funny. Inception was the set up and this was the punchline, drawing form the culturalinfosphere, which is why it's there.)