Become Indispensable

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    Sickbay, dammit.
    Forwarded in an email, it's brilliant. If more people looked at life this way, there would be a lot more success, and a lot less complaining.

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    That's certainly true.

    That often is, as well.

    I don't know that the "today" is relevant; I'm not sure that people were ever different - though I think that public complaining is not considered as undignified as it was a half century or so ago; public everything is a lot more acceptable now.
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    Said no one ever. ;)
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    The more I hear Mike Rowe say, the more I like him. The message he's been trying to get out there lately is something a lot of people need to hear.
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    That sounds like something Mike might say--but a lot of things get passed off on e-mails--apocryphal perhaps. For those who wonder what apocryphal means, here is an example:

    "During these men's professional lives, Wall Street has become accustomed to getting what it wants from Washington. America's top bankers have an even longer history of not giving a hoot what the public thinks. Sample (possibly apocryphal) quote from the original J.P. Morgan: ' I owe the public nothing.' —Daniel Gross, Newsweek, 23 Feb. 2009

    Now I heard Mike himself on camera chide the makers of a billboard that showed a man wearing a workbelt and jeans contrasted with a man wearing a suit and tie.

    The billboard--for a college of course--said "Work smart, not hard"
    --as if we don't need linemen, repairmen, etc.

    The suits seem to think their time is somehow more valuable. Mike really went off on that billboard. All work is noble, and deserves to be compensated.

    "start looking for a job. Any job...Get yourself hired. Show up early. Stay late. Volunteer for the scut work. Become indispensable."

    Now that is what I have done, except it is office work, as I would fall over dead out in the field with my ticker wanting to skip. The military didn't want me (4f)--besides I was color blind and have the flattest feet in town anyway.

    The problem is that even being indispensable isn't enough.

    Many bosses take their workers for granted. One of the myths of talk radio is that the public sector encourages slackers, and the private sector doesn't.

    Nothing could be more wrong. While the military is at least partially a meritocracy, the bosses kid can show up (or not), stay early, or late--and the rest of us have to work around him.

    But if you are the indispensable one, and you need time off, a sick baby, a funeral, the boss says. "Oh no we can't do without you--you won't have a job here if you--"

    There seems to be some brainwashing going on that says you can hate government all you want--but no one should ever say anything bad against your scuzzball employer--and that no employee should ever gripe about anything.

    The problem about this tale cited above, is that it reminds me so much of "just so" stories about why folks should be happy with their station in life.

    The only reason my Dad ever had anything was because he was a member of the UTU.
    I heard this Republican fool who said there shouldn't even be a minimum wage. Call me a thug if you like--but anyone who even thinks that garbage deserves a baseball bat to the bridge of his nose.
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    Or not.
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    I totally heard his voice when I read that. Good advice too.
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    "own the means of production" covered it for me as life advice.