Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt2 *SPOILERS*

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    I liked it better than part one. The animation was very crisp and neat. I liked the 80s nods, especially the Reagan, though he wasn't drawn so exaggeratedly in the film as he was in the comics. I thought everyone did very good voice work, especially Weller and Valley. I wasn't going bananas over Emerson's Joker. I liked how he was drawn, but I wish he had let loose a little more. He was a bit too restrained, IMO.

    Some of my favorite scenes in part 2 were actually Yindel's hunt for Batman. I think by the time of the big climatic battle, I was starting to lose interest. Though it was done well enough. Perhaps my interest flagged in part because I've read the graphic novel a few times and knew what was going to happen. But for the most part it was an enjoyable film.

    Intrigued by Superman: Unbound and will probably pick that one up when it comes out.
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    IIR the Graphic Novel correctly:

    the sheer number of people killed this last time, including the kids, was the Joker's way of goading Batman into killing him. Batman was about to do it but at the end went for paralysis, which was-to him-still an extreme solution he had resisted in the past. The Joker, not content with that, killed himself, so Batman would be seen as a murderer.

    Really? I thought the colors mirrored Lynn Varley's coloring almost perfectly.
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    Wait, wait, this a Batman thread.... Did someone have to ruin the secret of Luke's father being VADER???????? Did not see that coming! :scream: