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    I have been following the Premier League for over a decade. I am a fan of Chelsea, more a fan of Jose Mourinho, and thought I had a good American grasp on what goes on within the League.

    However, I have never been able to understand "Relegation". Can someone please explain what this means? Listening to the Hull/Liverpool broadcast on Sirius this seemed to be a big deal that Hull got three points and was now above Aston Villa and Leicaster.
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    Basically the Premier League is the top League in Football, followed by the Championship League, League 1, League 2 it goes on further down.

    If a team is relegated they go down a League, if they are promoted they go up a division. And yes it's a big deal esp. when it comes to money you get more for playing in the top flight there is also a prestige factor to being in the top division.
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    There are 20 teams in the Premier League. They play each other home and away (a total of 38 games each)

    The three teams that finish in 18th, 19th and 20th are "relegated" to the league below (the Championship)

    There are 24 teams in the championship. The teams that finish 1st and 2nd get automatically promoted to the Premier league.

    The teams that finish 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th play off against each other for the final place in the premier league. 3rd plays against 6th (winner goes to Wembley final) and 4th plays against 5th (winner goes to Wembley final) then whoever wins the final gets the last premier league place

    And so on

    Premier League
    League 1
    League 2
    Non professional leagues