Background aliens on Terok Nor

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    Per "Suddenly Human," Talarians used neutral particle weapons, X-ray lasers, and Merculite rockets -- inferior to the Federation, and likely to the weapons technologies of the Cardassians. I'm wondering if during the Cardassians' expansion phase (after the destruction of the Malurians or the dwindling of the Zalkonians), if part of the way they were making a name for themselves was by victories against the Talarians.

    The Miradorn are a re-use of the Ktarian makeup from "The Game." Maybe the female captain from the episode (Etana Jol) was a Miradorn by birth, now a Ktarian officer or a mercenary in their employe. I think Naomi Wildman is the closest we got to seeing an actual Ktarian. I kinda like the idea of there being more to the story with the Ktarians, regarding their Federation allegiance and possible histories with other powers. Though maybe part of the reason we never saw them again is that not only was their makeup reused, their ships were already re-uses of the Zalkonians'.