Backdrops for Playmates action figures

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    This is my first post to the board, and hopefully it is a question being asked in the right forum and not in an overly repetitious manner. I've searched these boards and also generally and deeply online and have not turned up an answer.

    I am wondering if anyone has produced either cardboard or printable backdrop components scaled to the classic Playmates action figure line. I'm aware of Triple Fiction Productions 3D printed components, which are gorgeous but also mostly beyond my means, and of course limited in availability. I'm thinking along the lines of what Cardboard Galaxy has produced for classic 3.75" scale Star Wars figures. Something affordable or even just home-printable: hallways, LCARS displays, major set piece wall components. Personally I'm not as interested in "scene" backdrops, there are a lot of images of various settings around that can be used, but I'm looking for interiors that are environmental and accurately scaled.

    I've thought about doing some of this myself but lack the graphic skills to make it accurate and appealing, hence my ongoing search! Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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