Babylon 5

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    Nov 20, 2012
    That’s an interesting statement.

    I can see being wary of telepaths but even somebody you know personally who have proven themselves?

    It gets to an interesting topic, how do we really treat a person with an advantage? Where is the line where our belief in individual freedoms loses out to our pure risk averse self preservation.

    I wrote a webcomic where the heroes protected a genetically engineered shapeshifter assassin so I think it’s a very interesting debate without a clear answer.
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    it's available via neflix dvd
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    Asbo Zaprudder the US, presumably. I also have it on DVD and I'm amazed by how rewatchable it is - despite the subpar music and signs of studio interference. It helps to watch it in a viewing order other than how it was originally broadcast. Unfortunately, there is no consistently best order. I follow JMS's suggested order.
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    May 25, 2019
    I have been trying to re-watch all 5 seasons of the show. And I found out for some strange reason the Disc 3 from my season 1 set no longer works! Nothing wrong that I could see. No scratches or anything. So odd. So I am having to get the set from our library to see if their Disc 3 works. So Disc 3 is: Deathwalker, Believers, Survivors, and By Any Means Necessary. I could live without Believers. But I don't recall the B plots on these shows. So I need to see if I can watch them from the library. Really a shame about my set though :( Anyone else have that happen?
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    Feb 22, 2007
    Disc 3 in my set plays but it always freezes and skips a a scene in Survivors.
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    May 21, 2004
    There are a lot of bad B5 discs out there. Season 4 disc 2 (I think) sticks out. I've come across multiple bad copies of that one.
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    My season 5 disc one did that to me a few times, but then I tried it in another dvd player and it was fine.

    Do you have another one you can try it in?
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    CDs and DVDs do deteriorate with age. I've had a couple older (and probably cheaper) discs act like they were scratched even with no visible damage.
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    It can depend on the player's inbuilt error-correction software. Best bet if no player is working is to try it in a PC-based DVD player as these are often most up-to-date.
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    I’d prefer it if my disc skipped that episode entirely. :nyah:

    All kidding aside, I ditched my discs several years ago and purchased B5 digitally on iTunes since I have an Apple TV.
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    Dec 19, 2011
    I find my PS3 will also play discs that have DVD-rot. There have been a few really bad ones (and really these are ones where I can see clear daylight through holes)that it won’t play, but otherwise it’ll play just about any disc.
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    May 25, 2019
    Thanks for all the interest. I did try it on a dvd player and also in the built in "dvd" in our tv. But no good.( All the other dics work)
    I have to share a funny thing that just happened to me. Our library a few times a year has sales on books and dvds and such. So I thought I would go and try my luck. When I found for $5 a season one set of B5 set 3. I was so happy. Then I saw it was in Chinese! Yeah, I didn't get it. But so funny the set I needed and not in English. Oh, well! Laugh at life. At least I got to watch the set the library lent me. And in English! I could live without Deathwalker and Believers. But not without Survivors and By Any Means Necessary. I love the "b plot" on By Any Means Necessary-Mollari and G'Kar fighting over religious items, so fun!!
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    Get one of those disk repair kits. They actually work.