Babylon 5 Preservation Project

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    Hope that this is allowed as I'm not personally involved and I think it's important news.

    There's a Kickstarter in progress, almost two-thirds funded to scan and preserve Babylon 5's production documents and to interview as many of the cast, crew and creators as possible. The one organizing it is Jason Davis who some folks may recognize as the senior editor for Babylon 5 books and writer of the B5 Encyclopedia. This Kickstarter isn't part of that, it's a passion project of Jason's. I'm familiar with Jason from his work on B5 Books as well as the Harlan Ellison Preservation Project. I think he's definitely the man for the job.

    I've been doing my small bit to preserve scripts, costumes and set decorations as often as possible. I think that preserving the legacy of B5 is important and needs to be done as soon as possible.

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