Are the clip shows worth watching?


1x21 Politics
2x22 Out of Mind
6x17 Disclosure
7x20 Inauguration
8x15 Citizen Joe

Apparently those are all the clip shows on SG1. I've only seen up to the first two.

"Politics" was very unnecessary. While I enjoyed seeing Ronny Cox as the jerk senator, the actor really seems to be typecast into playing asshole characters, the rest of the episode really wasn't that good. It actually brought down the all the tension that was established by the previous alternative universe episode "There But for the Grace of God".

I didn't enjoy the "Out of Mind" season at all. I never bought that the main characters were ever in the future, so the shocking twist at the end wasn't shocking at. The entire episodes seems to exists solely to show clips from past episodes. Thankfully, Part 2 was able to make up for it.

What about the later episodes? Are "Disclosure", "Inauguration, and "Citizen Joe" any good?
A fair few of SG-1's clip shows unlike some othere series clip shows add to the shows overall mythology. To me the weakest of the lot is actually the last "Citizen Joe".
Disclosure and Inauguration have some major mythos elements to them, but all Citizen Joe does is let you see Homer Simpson's voice actor and sets up part of the McGuffin for SG-1's S9 premiere and Stargate Universe.
Disclosure is really good and Inauguration is pretty important set-up for the Lost City two-parter. I actually enjoyed Citizen Joe, but I'm probably the only one who did.
No it's actually one of the good ones, for me at least.

I got burnt by the TNG episode, as I saw it later... :)
Shades of Grey is an excellent SG-1 episode and very important to future developments within the series.
Politics was very meh, but it did have one of the best scenes in the show, Citizen Joe was probably the best clip show I've ever seen done, even giving an in-universe explanation for the show's run-time