Anyone here playing Dishonoured / Dishonoured 2?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Trinity Jinglebrocks, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Trinity Jinglebrocks

    Trinity Jinglebrocks All hail Doctor 13 Premium Member

    Just wondering if I can run any of these 2 games..

    AMD FX4300 quad core 3.8ghz
    AMD Radeon R9 380 4 gig
    16 gig RAM
    MSI 970 motherboard
    23 inch samsung screen 1080x1920 native resolution

    I think the first game should run well but the 2nd one seems a bit beefy. I'm not worried about using high or ultra settings as hardly ever try those settings on a game unless I know for sure that they will work, so in that regard I am not too fussed if there might be a performance issue in the 2nd game. Just wondering if I would at all be able to play both.