Another reason I hate the TSA.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by The Castellan, Sep 11, 2012.

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    I've been busted for jelly one time as it was over the limit. I picked up something local on the way to the airport and threw it in my carry on bag in a hurry. I've also been busted for nail clippers.

    I can sorta see the jelly, because you can think ok maybe I hid something explosive in there, but nail clippers? C'mon. Were they really worried I was going to give the captain a pedicure? I know they err on the side of caution, and are just following the rules, but still.

    As for the TSA folks themselves, I've had some that would shoot the breeze with me while checking my ID or going through my bag, and others that would treat me like an international warlord who rapes puppies on the side. Like any industry, you have the gregarious ones, the quiet ones, and the assholes.

    People that work at airports get treated pretty harsh regardless. Between getting to the airport, parking, getting through security, hoping your plane leaves on time, sitting in a stuffy tin can for several hours, hoping you make your connection, hoping your luggage shows up, getting your rental car sorted out, and then going to your destination, it's stressful, and I fly several times a year. IT tends to make people pretty snippy.

    The people in the restaurants get draw you ire because you are either in a rush to make a flight and why is it taking so long, or you have a 3 hour layover and are bored to tears. The TSA is mostly loathed. And I feel bad for the poor gate agent who has an angry mob of 100 people at her desk after she announces the 8 PM flight to Detroit is cancelled due to mechanical problems and that's the last flight there tonight but they can put you up in Podunk for the night with none of your luggage because it's already on the plane.