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    I can hear it now...there he goes on another Nemesis topic...what's next, there was a scene in Nemesis with Kirk and Spock?? Nope...this one is straight forward and can be verified.. This question is about the scene in Picard's ready room after they had taken a drink of wine after Data's death. As Riker is having issues remembering the tune that Data couldn't get right (Pop Goes The Weasel, I think), there is a long shot at Picard as he is in a hard stare without saying a word. My question is this...what was Picard thinking? I assume it's related to Data, but in that moment, what message or whatever do you think was trying to be conveyed to the audience?
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    A sense of grief and loss? Come on... did you really have to ask? :p
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    he's thinking "wow, I'm going to be on my THIRD Enterprise in one career!"
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    He's thinking how much he really doesn't like Earl Grey, after all.
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    "Q was full of shit."
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    :guffaw::guffaw::guffaw::guffaw::guffaw::guffaw::guffaw::lol::lol::lol::lol: Amazing.. Simply amazing.. Best post i've seen in a long time..
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    Sorry, but none of us on this board are Vulcans, and even they are merely touch telepaths. We have no way of knowing what Picard was thinking, beyond the absolutely freaking obvious.