Announcing new DTI novella and Rise of the Federation 3 & 4!

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by Christopher, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Now that the contracts have gone through (after some delay), I'm finally able to announce my next three Star Trek projects.

    First, probably sometime later in 2014, is my return to the Department of Temporal Investigations series, in an e-novella exclusive entitled The Collectors. That's right, it's not a full-length novel and it won't be on paper, but at 35,000 words it's a pretty hefty novella. And it's a story I had a great deal of fun writing, delving deeper into two elements from Watching the Clock that I've been eager to explore in more depth: The Eridian Vault, where the DTI stores dangerous temporal artifacts (sort of a Warehouse 13 for time travel), and the mysterious Agent Jena Noi of the 31st-century Federation Temporal Agency. Unlike WTC or Forgotten History, The Collectors isn't about weaving together time-travel episodes from the TV shows, although it does feature one significant onscreen guest star in addition to established DTI characters like Lucsly and Dulmur. Instead, this was my chance to tell an original story driven by the DTI characters and concepts themselves, to just cut loose with them and play with the potentials of a time-travel narrative unfettered by the need to fill in the blanks of this episode or that movie. It was enormously fun to write, and I hope it's as much fun to read.

    My other, probably less surprising, announcement is that I've been signed for two more Enterprise -- Rise of the Federation novels to follow this April's second installment in the series, Tower of Babel. Book 3, tentatively titled Uncertain Logic, will be out in early 2015, and Book 4 will probably arrive in early 2016 (there's a 10-month gap between the due dates for the two manuscripts, so the interval between publication dates may be about the same). The two books will each stand on their own but have a common story arc connecting them, with the latter story arising from the consequences of the former. (That's why I got contracted for the two books together. I thought I'd have to talk my editor into that, but she was just, "Sure, I'll start the paperwork.") And both books will continue to flesh out ideas from Enterprise, reveal the origins of elements from The Original Series and beyond, and feature original worldbuilding and exploration as well.

    In this case, I haven't started the manuscript yet; indeed, I turned in the outline for Book 3 just last night, and the outline for Book 4 is in more skeletal form, to be fleshed out more once Book 3 is written. But I feel pretty confident about where I'm going with the storyline, which will continue to challenge, deepen, and evolve the characters and hopefully bring some surprises. Oh, and the good news is that I'll have more room for it. The first two RotF books were in the 80 to 85,000-word range, but these will be heftier tomes; I'm free to go up to 100,000 words. (Which means I should be able to include a subplot I had to cut out of Book 2 for length. Technically I've already got 4000 words of Book 3 written!)
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    Awesome news Christopher. I really look forward to all those stories. Congratulations!
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    Tremendous news! I'm happy that your editor shows such confidence in your Enterprise tales. I know a lot of us around here like what you've been doing with the Enterprise characters. Good for you dude ...and good for us too :techman:
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    Congratulations Christopher. Looking forward to more Federation novels.
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    Great news! Congrats.
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    Very pleased to hear about all of these! I hope the DTI ebook is the first of many, I could imagine lots of shorter time travel tales being fun.
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    Fantastic news!! Sofar, I haven't been tempted yet to start reading e-novel or novella's, but this will probably be the first one to do it. :D
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    May 25, 2011
    Cool beans! Looking forward to more quality writing!
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    Oct 28, 2011
    So excited about all this! Is it safe to assume that books 1 and 2 of RotF have been doing well, hence the contracts? If so, congratulations on that, as well as the new ones!
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    This is great news. Glad to hear that 2014 should be a good year for you - and very glad for the remainder of us who get to enjoy more of your work.
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    Amazing news! Congratulations Christopher!
    I love the DTI books, so having an addition to their ranks will be awesome - Especially if there's more Garcia/Ranjea action.
    I was never that keen on the Enterprise novels, but I really enjoyed A Choice of Futures, so you can count on another sale of each of your new books.
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    Today reminds me of those Shore Leave announcement days from years ago, when the entire next year's publishing schedule would be revealed at Shore Leave and some generous soul would post those listings here in the Treklit forum for the rest of us to drool over and speculate on...

    Wonderful news, Christopher, on all THREE upcoming publications!

    The DTI novella sounds like great fun but I'm more excited about the Enterprise novels. Can't wait to place my pre-order for all three.
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    Someone's gonna be busy. Congratulations!
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    Great news! Congratulations, Christopher!

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    I'm going to need another shelf... congratulations!
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    Great news Chris! Congrats on the upcoming projects:bolian:
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    Super-exciting news! I'm especially looking forward to more DTI. :-)
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    That's really great news! DTI and Rise of the Federation are two of my favorite TrekLit series. :) Congrats, Christopher!
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    Congrats Christopher! These all sound really interesting!
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    Very nice! I look forward to all three.