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    We're pleased to announce a new trial feature: photo albums!

    What the photo albums are for:

    • Your pictures of you, in your life, having fun, family etc.
    • Pictures from conventions, or other Trek get-togethers.
    • Your own artwork, or drawings.
    What it's not for:

    • Screen captures
    • Official publicity shots.
    This is a trial period -- so this feature is currently available to premium members and those on level 8 (3+ years membership and 16,000+ posts). However anyone who is registered can view the albums. This will be rolled out to other groups if it's used properly.

    A few questions and answers:

    Is it private?
    You can select whether to restrict the album just to your contacts, or make it public. However at the moment you still have to be registered to see the albums -- so "public" basically means anyone with an account. However we do not claim this is a secure system, so do not upload anything that consider to be very private.

    What about copyright?
    Your images remain yours. However we may use the albums at TrekBBS and TrekToday. However we would be open about these moves... right now we're just trailing the albums.

    How much space do I get?
    We can restict the maximum resolution, the maximum size per file, the total photos and the total space allowed. At the moment it's 1000x1000 pixels, 200Kb, 100 and 5MB. These are all adjustable depending on feedback.

    What's allowed?
    In additiont to the requirements at the top of the page, please use common sense. Nothing adult here, this is a PG-13 audience. Plus nothing deflamatory, law-breaking etc. The pictures will be moderated as required, just like other messageboard content. This feature will be made or broken with you employing sound reasoning when uploading images.

    How do I upload?
    Just go to your User CP and click Pictures & Albums. For everyone else, while you can't upload yet, you can just see the albums on the users' profile pages.

    Please direct any feedback to this thread in QSF.
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    Nov 9, 2000
    London, UK
    This has now been rolled out to those Level 5+.

    That's 365+ days and 2000+ posts membership level.

    Thumbnails have also been fixed.

    If you wish to see current albums select Community > Pictures & Albums from the top of the page.