An old secret favourite of Picard...

Discussion in 'Fan Productions' started by PictureLtd, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Aug 13, 2009
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    This is better suited to our Fan Productions forum...
  3. Trekwatcher

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    It's Giles Aston, self-styled Picard impersonator/afficionado. He has bought many of Patrick Stewart's TNG outfits from IAW and Christie's. He is active on some trek boards.
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    He's also a very nice chap too. :)
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    I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing Giles in your episode, Nick. (Grammatically does that make sense?!)

    It'll be interesting to see Picard, who we haven't sen a lot of lately, with a different bunch of characters :)
  6. DestinyCaptain

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    Nick, you need to get him on Intrepid, that'd be a huge score for your prodiction. Maybe some kind of recurring role?
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