Amazon Owned MGM, What properties could Amazon bring to Prime?

Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by valkyrie013, May 26, 2021.

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    Hi all!
    as of Today, 5-26-21, Amazon bought MGM for.. 8.5 Billion. (Subject to regulatory approval, likely by end of 21)
    So, in addition to the past movies, and series that MGM owns that could now appear on Prime service, and current stuff that "May" leave other streamers (Handmaids Tale is currently on Hulu, but made by MGM, so move to Prime in the future??)

    So this thread is an ask of, what in MGM's catalog could be leveraged for new series, movies for Amazon Prime?
    My Partial List:
    James Bond, This one has a cavate because EON has some stake in it, and the producers have almost full rights to make it how they feel, and show it how they want, so a James Bond "Series" is probably not in the card in the near future.
    StarGate, Prime has had the whole series for awhile, but I see this a good shot in the arm of a new continuation series being made, and shown on Prime.
    Robocop, They tried a series a long time ago, and thought it was decent, but with technology now, could really delve deep like a Ghost in the Shell type stories.
    The Man for U.N.C.L.E.
    Logans Run
    The Outer Limits
    Bat Masterson
    Sea Hunt
    Cagney And Lacey
    Earth II
    The Dirty Dozen ( would make a nice series)
    The Pink Panther
    How the West was Won

    So, thoughts?
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    Interesting list, to be sure.

    There was a short-lived Dirty Dozen series back in the late 80s, but I could see a re-imagining of that, with more of an "Inglorious Bastards" kind of feel to it.
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    I could see them rescuing Logan's Run out of purgatory since a new remake has been the talk since forever. It just seems like the kind of thing they would do, with the resources that they have. And since post-apocalyptic stories are popular now, I'd like to see them expand on how the world became that way.
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    James Bond is by far their biggest property. I could see Amazon eventually just buying EON itself so they get full control over the Bond franchise.
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    All the uncommon titles that have been distributed on manufactured-on-demand DVDs as part of the MGM Limited Edition Collection (though sold through the Warner Archive Collection).

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    Ugh, if so, I hope that doesn't mean the end of their physical disc releases. On the plus side, although they don't release everything, Amazon at least still seems a little friendlier to physical releases than some of the other streaming services.
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    Hopefully this means a new Stargate show could happen on Prime.
    That and their MGM channel will be part of it at no extra charge.

    also bring out that 3 hour cut of Pink Panther Strikes Again
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