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    There are two known cases where the timeline of the canon Prime universe was violated that could have an impact on the events in Discovery or where the story of Discovery could have an impact on the alternate timeline.

    In 2236 Michael Burnham lost her parents and was adopted by Sarek and Amanda.
    Shortly afterwards she runs away from home but is rescued by the Red angel and Spock.
    In 2237 Spock underwent the Kahs-wan. In one timeline he is helped by his "cousin" and becomes the Spock we know and love. While in the other he dies, which leads to Amanda separating from Sarek, and dying in an accident at Lunaport.

    For me this rises several questions, including:
    Were was Michael during Yesteryear (2237)?
    What happened to her once Amanda and Sarek separated, and Amanda died?
    How was Control defeated without Spock?

    Kelvin Universe
    In 2233 the Narada destroys the USS Kelvin - or it does not.
    Maybe in 2236 Michael Burnham loses her parents and is adopted by Sarek and Amanda.

    We have similar questions as before:
    Did the Federation-Klingon war of 2256 still happen?
    Is Admiral Marcus being controlled by Control?
    How is Control defeated?

    Please, I welcome any and all ideas.
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    Kudos to Futureman for calling out sci fi writers on the silliness of time travel stories. I suppose the short answer is that in the multiverse there is a universe for every scenario. Take your pick!

    If the Federation ignored the signals because it was Taco Tuesday, then Control would never be created in this universe (unless it's from an alternate future but if it is, then nothing you do can prevent its creation because it wasn't you that created it).

    The one issue I take is where characters say the future is not yet written. It must be. If it didn't already exist, how could anyone travel there? How could non-linear Bajoran Prophets see it all at once. Changing your future is an illusion. Your future is set. Even a time traveller coming back is part of your timeline and therefore isn't changing anything. Their presence will prevent THEIR future coming to pass unless they're in a closed loop.

    I suppose you could argue that if time travel exists, then there must be an infinite number of universes with each different time traveller at each different moment in time with an infinite number of outcomes for each scenario.

    I've confused myself. Watch Future Man.
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    Maybe tptb don't see tas as cannon which is a shame
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    It's always driven by plot in Star Trek - Pike's future is set but mainly they are not set. For example, Burnham see all of the Discovery crew die on the bridge - this doesn't happen. Similarly in All Good Things, the crew basically directly at the audience while explaining the future is not set...
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    Yeah, that's why I feel like they're cheating the audience. There is freedom of choice but in your own timeline, you've already made that choice in your future. Visions of alternate futures are exactly that - the future of a different you in a different timeline. For example, what motivated Leyland not to kill everybody on the bridge like in Burnham's vision? The vision was not from Burnham's timeline at all.

    I suppose, without the Red Angel, Burnham would die and could never become the red Angel but if it was her mother that saves her then she's not the author of her own fate?
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    I like to think in the Kelvin universe, Michael Burnham was adopted by Alex Marcus and became the evil sister of Carol, who was 100% on board with her father's crazy schemes and helped design Section 31 ships and weapons with Khan.
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    We can at least presume that to be the case in the Terran universe. ;)

    There are a lot of universes to keep track of.