Spoilers ALL of season 2 online NOW in French!!

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Prodigy' started by F. King Daniel, Mar 22, 2024.

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    No, but you insulted me in your 36th year on this site. I am not linear.
    Flabbergasted, not offended.
    Most people comprehend figurative and contextual speech.
    A rare occurrence which can sometimes be solved through a virtual credit card and fictitious address. I have an account with a British streaming site using the postcode of Buckingham Palace and another with an Australian site using an Australian postcode, but I am in America.
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    Speaking as a Canadian..... what show was this?!
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    "this is Geneviève Bujold’s revenge."
    Ok, that made me chuckle a bit. :lol:

    C'mon Netflix. I haven't been a subscriber in years but fully intend on giving you money when you decide to release the new Prodigy season! Take my money dammit!
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    Sorry I'm late.
    No insulting on this playground.
    You have been warned. Comments to PM.
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    I've finished S2 in French. It's VERY good IMO, with a REALLY GOOD ENDING. The extra time they had between cancellation and go ahead to complete the animation perhaps allowed a slight rewrite, that dovetailed the end of this show PERFECTLY with the setup AND the conclusion of "Picard". A++

    A good buddy asked for spoilers, so I made haikus. I posted the first five earlier, and for lack of a better place to post the rest, here's the full collection. :)

    201: Into the Breach, Part 1

    New ship, with old Doc
    A Secret down in bay three
    Four kids, fitting in

    202: Into the Breach, Part 2

    Gywn is betrayed fast
    Kids take shuttle by "mistake"
    Her hope is her past

    203: Who Saves the Saviors?

    Goal found! Jailbreak planned
    But the plan imperils Gwyn
    Chuckles lost again

    204: Temporal Mechanics 101

    Study saves the day
    Gywn trapped between life and death
    Not THAT Future Guy?!

    205: The Mystery Spiral

    Murph can talk when wet
    A hole leads to a window
    Gwyn says it's a map

    206: Imposter Syndrome

    Time to steal a ship
    Holocrew don't know who's who
    Maj'el didn't lie

    207: The Race

    The Kazon, like this?
    Let's play Mario Kart-Trek!
    And Zero takes one.

    208 - Veritas?

    Zero gets a bod
    It's a trap, but not a trap
    VoyAger clues in.

    209 - The Time-Devouring Scavengers, Part 1

    Janeway catches up
    They did this on Doctor Who
    Clue us in, Wesley!

    210 - The Time-Devouring Scavengers, Part 2

    Let's chill chez Gary
    The body count gets quite high
    Seven souls to find one

    211 - The Last Flight of the Protostar, Part 1

    Chakotay is sad
    Kids help him find his mojo
    Adreek's plan must work

    212 - The Last Flight of the Protostar, Part 2

    Protostar ahoy!
    But there's still time for DRAH-ma
    Fish are friends, not food

    213 - A Tribble Named Bribble (sp)

    Our ship needs a star
    A Klingon science guy helps out
    The menace, resolved?

    214 - Mirror Universe

    We did this back in
    Parallels, Twisted, Shattered
    But side quests are fun!

    215 - Ascension, Part 1

    Time to play Top Gun
    The Vau'Nakat got bad, fast
    Big boss has a Crush

    216 - Ascension, Part 2

    Two ships in peril
    Flying and a sacrifice
    Means three point Zero

    217 - At the Edge of the Chasm

    Two old guys to save
    The mission goes wrong, of course
    But two make it back

    218 - Behind Enemy Lines

    Two generations
    Free a monster to escape
    The old band plays well

    219 - Ouroboros, Part 1

    The Vau'Nakat launch!
    Infiltration once again!
    Time to science this crap!

    220 - Ouroboros, Part 2

    All together now
    Put everything in its place
    Farewell Prodigies
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    I'm watching the show in French. It's actually quite fun, seeing what I can understand by context and similar words to those in English or Spanish. I've gotten to Episode 5. Did they ever say
    the Vulcan cadet's name?
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    Someone please feel free to correct the punctuation on this because the closed captions parsed it a few different ways, but…
    her name is Maj’el! One of the more fun Easter eggs, in my opinion.
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    It is indeed this, per the credits at the end. :)

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    Hi - I have a quick question, but I'll put it behind a spoiler tag just in case.

    I see that someone posted a screenshot of Janeway and Jellico in the Picard flashback uniforms (huzzah!), but does anyone know if any other characters are shown wearing these (main characters or background characters) and is it only for one scene in the final episode that they are worn? Thanks
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    A few background people too, and only in the last few minutes
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    Thank you. That's a shame - I was hoping we'd see more of them.
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    They have to make season 3, 2 is just too good to stop there
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    Prodigy still remains one of the best (and under-appreciated) modern Trek series available.
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    What species is the character named Maj’El in Season Two?
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    Sometimes "under-appreciated" trumps "good" in the battle for renewal.

    I hope not in this case.
  16. Deks

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    That's basically what I meant.
    Under appreciated shows tend not to garner a lot of positive noise, which can limit their chances of renewal.
    Then again, the show is out of Paramount's hands, S2 was made... and we have no news regarding season 3 or more.
    I would like to say though its still early days since not even S2 hadn't been put out for everyone to stream.

    I don't like the premise that Netflix is a deciding factor in Prodigy's future though... they have a knack for cancelling good shows.
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    She's the Vulcan I think?

    I think it's not likely. The thing with S2 is that they had a complete product to sell, since they presumably ordered production of all 40 episodes and just opted not to air 20 of them. Netflix was paying for a completed show that they knew CBS didn't want, so I assume it wasn't that expensive either. In my mind it's like when they purchase "foreign" shows that are already complete in their home countries.

    I honestly would have no idea what would happen if it did extraordinarily well though, but I also assume it'd have to dominate the Netflix charts for it to be a factor.
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    The fact that a character who was never used by the show's first two seasons was "assigned" to it suggests that tenative plans were in place to do additional seasons. The show's initial cancellation by Paramount probably reduces the odds of this happening, but evidence suggests that the plan was initially there.
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    The Wormhole
    Or Garrett Wang was just wrong, or exaggerating the matter. Terry Matalas said it was his own decision to leave Harry Kim out of Picard and added in the same interview "maybe Prodigy will do something with him." Garrett Wang, I suspect is conflating that to mean "Prodigy will do something with him."
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    I'm just endlessly amused that poor trod-upon Harry Kim is now the only core Voyager character who hasn't shown up in any capacity in any subsequent Star Trek media. (We got Janeway, Chakotay, and the EMH in Prodigy, obviously, Seven and Tuvok in Picard, Tuvok and Tom in Lower Decks, and B'Elanna in the canon Admirals' Logs for Prodigy as the person responsible for building the Dauntless.) As far as I'm concerned, this means he's still an ensign in the 25th century and I will go on believing that until proven otherwise. ;)
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