Spoilers ALL of season 2 online NOW in French!!

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[I've removed the link since it's been brought to my attention the powers that be are presently attempting to get the show removed from the site]

You might need a VPN. What the hell is happening? I think someone's gonna lose their job over this.
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Total spoilers for season 2 follow...

Well not total, I'm just reading the synopsis...
Wesley Crusher has a ship, the Infinity. He plays a big role in the season

Murf talks, but nobody can understand him

Time travel means we revisit the Protostar

They visit the Mirror Universe

An ageing weapon means we'll probably see adult versions of the crew
Damn :eek:

Guess we'll see if the Alliance is crushed and Earth is free again

We should just add a spoiler tag to the thread I guess

Here are thumbnails and episode titles, it's as far as I can get from here:
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Ok, here we go... titles, times, synopses :drool:

S2 E1: Into the Breach: Part 1
As they continue their training to join the Starfleet Academy, Dal, Rock Tak, Zero, Jankom Pog and Murf are called aboard a new ship for a mission under the command of Janeway.

S2 E2: Into the Breach: Part 2
Gwen is sent to her planet to attempt a friendly approach with its inhabitants in order to avoid civil war. Dal, Rock Tak, Zero, Jankom Pog and Murf will do the irreparable in order to protect the secret mission to rescue Chakotay planned by Admiral Janeway.

S2 E3: Who Saves the Saviors?
Dal, Zero, Jankom and Ma'Jel head straight into the time rift. On Solum, Gwen and Ilthuran, her father, prepare to face the elders to suggest that Gwen faces Asencia during the Va'Lu'Rah.

S2 E4: Temporal Mechanics 101
"The timeline has been altered. Dal, Maj'el, Zero and Jankom Pog receive a mysterious message asking them to save Gwen."

S2 E5: The Mystery Spiral
Dal and his comrades are convinced that to find out who the mysterious entity is that contacted them, it would be enough to understand what Murf, whose language is currently incomprehensible, tells them.

S2 E6: Imposter Syndrome
Faced with the decision to destroy the Infinity demanded by Starfleet authorities, Dal and his comrades decide to take it before its destruction to save Chakotay. To avoid attracting attention, they decided to create holographic duplicates of themselves who would remain on site while the real ones fulfilled this mission.

S2 E7: The Race
While Dal and his crew search for Chakotay, they discover a conduit allowing them to travel through time faster.

S2 E8: Veritas?
Zero receives a strange message telepathically from a non-corporeal person like himself. The latter is called ION and suggests that he take a detour to his planet in order to help him find a body and senses.

S2 E9: The Time Devouring Scavengers: Part 1
The crew of the infinity is heading towards the coordinates which are supposed to allow them to find Captain Chakotay and the Protostar. They will then make a surprising discovery.

S2 E10: The Time Devouring Scavengers: Part 2
Wesley Crusher and the crew of The Infinity try to find a solution to escape the time-devouring scavengers and find The Protostar and Chakotay. At the same time, Janeway sends Commander Tysess and Maj'el on a rescue mission to find Dal and his crew.

S2 E11: The Last Flight of the Protostar: Part 1
23 min 8 sec
Wesley sends Dal and the Infinity crew to the planet where Chakotay is located. The captain has lived there as a hermit for years and is rather hostile to their arrival.

S2 E12: The Last Flight of the Protostar: Part 2
Chakotay is maneuvering with the help of Dal and his partners to leave the planet where they are trapped with a disabled protostar. They will try to set off with the ship by using it as a sailboat in the heart of a Tachion storm which would allow them to harvest enough energy reserves to reactivate the reactors...

S2 E13: A Tribble Called Bridule
In search of Bosonite, a source of energy for the ship, Chakotay, Dal and his friends land on an M-class planet full of it. But many surprises await our friends.

S2 E14: The Mirror Universe
The members of the Protostar are happy to reunite with Voyager and its crew. Chakotay is excited about meeting Janeway soon. But as they are beamed aboard Voyager for this joyful reunion, they realize that they are not in the correct temporal reality.

S2 E15: The Ascent: Part 1
Zero's body is deteriorating without any possibility of cure, The Doc and Jankom seek an alternative solution. Starfleet command refuses to allow Janeway and her protégés to complete their temporal mission by sending the Protostar back to Tars Lamora, but an unforeseen attack on Voyager and the Protostar will change the situation.

S2 E16: The Ascent: Part 2
21 min 7 sec
The Voyager and its crew are in great difficulty, without defenses they are at the mercy of the great attack of Ascencia. The latter then launches its new weapon which pierces Voyager and triggers the aging of everything it touches, objects and organisms alike.

S2 E17: On the Brink
The members of Protostar accompanied by MaJ'el will embark on a secret mission not covered by Starfleet in order to exfiltrate Wesley Crusher and Ilthuran both in the hands of Ascencia on Solum.

S2 E18: Behind Enemy Lines
Everything far from went as planned during the secret mission, nevertheless Gwyn and his crew managed to save Wesley and Ilthuran. Admiral Janeway then organizes a rescue mission without informing Starfleet in order to save her young recruits.

S2 E19: Ouroboros: Part 1
23 mins
Asencia fights to maintain the current timeline at all costs in order to reign over Tars Lamora.

S2 E20: Ouroboros: Part 2
The timeline appears to be being restored but the weavers suddenly appear. The Protostar must at all costs return to its initial position on Tars Lamora.
Unfortunately I'm nowhere near my PC and VPN and won't be until Sunday, cos I'm desperate to see the Voyager-A inside and out! As well as you-know-who's ship.
Apparently the creators are aware and trying to get it taken down - someone hit the button too early I guess.
Hmm. For me, it is enough that it exists. I can wait for the DVD set(s), the same as PIC, DSC, and SNW.

:eek::wtf: In French? Merde. Which is about all the French I know.
How could this happen? Have limited myself to the thumbnails and episode titles, so far. It would be better to experience the season without getting (major) spoilers, but it may be a while to hold out before they stream officially.

Still no peep out of Netflix when it will stream (non accidentally).
I've read the episode plot descriptions, though between typos, misspellings and a lack of context as the later episodes presume the reader of the plot synopses has seen the preceding episodes, I'm not sure I've spoiled anything for myself.
I better brush up on my French.
Well, that's not gonna help. French isn't merely English with funny accent and grammar. You'd need a working (magical) translator. ;)

Anyway, I want the original voicework. Not that the French version is necessarily bad, but you lose the performance of the actors chosen by the creators.
Although the actors the French dubbing team chose have pretty similar voices.

Voyager-A has 16 holodecks, and a Cetacean ops, which I think the Doctor says is used for navigation