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    In a painting, darkly.
    Wrath of Khan, just after Spock's death and before the funeral.

    Kirk and McCoy, inside Kirk's quarters. Both are looking absolutely gut-shot and overwhelmed with shock.

    McCoy: "Dammit, Jim, do you....realize that in spite of all of our squabbles over the years, I can't help thinking how that green-blooded....Vulcan was somehow the most human of all of us?!?"

    Kirk perks up.

    Kirk: "Bones, do you realize that Spock would say that the only way you can have the last word, and deliver your ultimate insult, is to wait until a time like this when he can no longer defend himself?"

    McCoy manages a small grin.

    McCoy: "He would say that, wouldn't he?"

    McCoy mulls it over for a moment.

    McCoy: "You should work the 'human' accusation into the eulogy....laughter is my best prescription."

    They both start laughing.

    At the funeral, Kirk tries desperately to bring some humor to counterpoint the grief, but at the last moment the torpedo tube coffin and Scotty's rendition of 'Amazing Grace' on the haunting bagpipes prove too much and he chokes up.

    But there was more behind the line, "Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most....human" than we ever knew.

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    This is just an edit of the scene from Nemesis where Riker says goodbye to Picard. If I'm not much mistaken, it was supposed to play out this way in the script that leaked. Also, I would include this alongside all the deleted scenes that were meant to play out in the ending:

    Riker enters the ready room.

    PICARD: Will!

    RIKER: Permission to disembark, sir!

    PICARD: Granted. So...where's the Titan off to?

    RIKER: The neutral zone. We're heading up the new task force. Apparently, the Romulans are interested in talking.

    PICARD: Well, I can't think of a better man for the job. If I may, just a word of advice about your first command: when your first officer insists you can't go on away missions...

    RIKER: (smiles) Ignore him...I intend to.

    Riker looks about, clearly stalling.

    RIKER: I'm gonna miss this ship.

    PICARD: Will, the Titan is a fine ship. You've earned your own command.

    RIKER: I know. She's the most beautiful ship I've ever seen...but she's not the Enterprise.

    PICARD: And she never will be. But she will be your home.

    RIKER: Captain...serving with you...has been an honor.

    PICARD: The honor was mine...Captain.

    Riker exits.
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    No. Just no. I think that would have ruined or cheapened Kirk's line during the funeral
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    In a painting, darkly.

    Different people handle grief in different ways. It's not all about sadness for everyone....
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    On the Cinerama screen, in glorious Technicolor.
    However, Kirk is portrayed at being emotionally shattered to numbness by Spock's death. The levity here would be completely OOC for Kirk at that moment. Even McCoy isn't a barrel of laughs on the bridge at the coda.
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    I'm not talking about sadness, other emotions or how people handle grief.

    I'm talking about adding on to highly esteemed lines may ruin or lessen the meaning, impact, etc, of that line. Imagine if we had a scene in Chain of Command Part two, where we saw Picard alone before Madred came in, and Picard was muttering about seeing five lights, but tried to tell himself to keep saying "there are four lights".

    Or if they had a conference room scene in Elogium, where the Doctor or Tom talking about sex appeal, before Tuvok making that comment about them losing their sex appeal.

    Even if it's well written, it may be better to be left simpler.
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    ILIA: My oath of celibacy is on record, Captain.
    KIRK: I'm sure the crew is aware of that.
    ILIA: I'm sure...but are YOU?

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