Abrams: Into Darkness is a Bit Sexist (plus new 'sexy' TV spot)

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    Given that what we've seen of STID so far, Eve's moment in her skivvies is played far more for laughs than any kind of titilation. It's meant to make Kirk uncomfortable and for us to guffaw at his complete inability to leer. So, it's actually turning the trope on its ear rather than playing such a scene straight.

    Similarly, when Uhura comes back to her quarters in the first picture, it's Kirk who shows the most skin. I'm not going to claim that these movies are at all sexually enlightened, but the faux outrage on display here is more than a little overwrought.
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    Clearly if there is any sexism in this movie then old school Trek should LOVE that he is tipping his cap to TOS which was full of stereotypical sexist characters.

    "Despite these progressive overtures, there are many examples of sexism in Star Trek as well. There was no female captain in the role of lead character until Captain Janeway in the Voyager series. Women in The Next Generation were mostly relegated to nurturing functions, a doctor and a counselor being the two most prominent female characters. In the Original Series women were prohibited from being Starship captains and wore revealing outfits."
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    Sexist? Sure, I guess if you're some sort of a useless Sensitive Sally it would probably be sexist.
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    I keep seeing comments in TBBS from fans who want a series on HBO/SHO/MAX so they can do nudity, among other things.

    Surely it's not the same group of fans who are complaining about Alice in Underpants ... :lol:
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    Still, in its original run, what did we talk about? A romantic relationship with Chakotay. Kate Mulgrew's hair. The audience hasn't helped even when it shows characters in power positions. It's no different than keeping Deanna Troi in a catsuit that shows off her breasts and chest every episode. She may be a terrific counselor, and she is in a nurturing role, but she is there for men to be distracted by her beauty as well. And every episode where she is featured, she is either pregnant, in a relationship with the wrong man, or she's highly emotional.
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    There you go, she's all covered up now:p
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    It's interesting that in other sci-fi women had more prominent command roles. Starship Troopers comes to mind - women in combat dressed the same as the men. Women in command did the same.

    Who can forget the shower seen in Troopers?
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