About Those Stars: An Update and Discussion Thread

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    I’m not sure if anyone is interested in a thread like this, but I've noticed that sometimes we have our discussions veer into the actors’ personal lives. I think that a tasteful ongoing thread about *some* actor news would be nice. There would only be a few rules, like no bashing of the actors (not to be confused with simply having an honest opinion), no gossip (so what we post about should be confirmed somewhere credible), and that’s about all I can think of right now.

    Okay, so earlier today a discussion in another thread moved into talking about Zachary Quinto’s sexuality. I have no problem with that topic; it just didn’t make much sense (to me) as a discussion piece for that thread. But, if you’re interested, here’s the thread to do that in. :)

    I’ll start it off with an article I came across today that features an interview Zachary did a couple of weeks ago in OUT magazine. He talks about his childhood, his sexuality, Star Trek, and his career.


    Out of the Star Trek related stuff, this was my favorite quote:



    What I liked about the more personal side of the interview was what he said about his father leaving him something he could really cherish and appreciate after he passed away when Zach was 7 years old:

    Very nice. :)