A Star Trek Series that follow the journey of the characters

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    Just like the title, my idea is about a Star Trek series that follow the journey of the main lead, rather than the main ship (like in traditional Star Trek).

    The story begin when our protagonist study in the Star Fleet academy, then move forward to when he / she join the fleet and serve in some ships, to the time when the main lead get his / her own ship and become a captain.

    The story begin with two friends and a love rival, who study in the Starfleet academy and aim to lead their own ship someday.

    The main protagonist is a male academy student. he's actually not good at fighting. he has bad score in piloting course, and poor at shooting the phaser. But he is a good tactician, also superb at tinkering tools, like modding tricoder, etc. Basically, he's all brain no brawn type of guy.

    The second protagonist is the main heroine. She's beautiful, clever, and the best in her class. Actually, she's the member of the Red Shirt. Elite Student in the Star Fleet Academy. And she's the main protagonist crush from the beginning of the story. This girl aware of the main lead, and respect him, as they have known to each others for long time, as they are childhood friend from the beginning. But, in the academy, she has another guy that catch her heart already. And that guy is the third lead, and the main antagonist of the story.

    The third lead is the main antagonist of the story. He's the senior of the Red Shirt, well respected and considered as very talented. You can imagine him as Captain Kirk model in this story. Considered as the elite. Many uncle admirals believe that he will become the star of the Starfleet in the future. The main problem of this antagonist is that he's arrogant. (Well, typical stereotype character )

    The first season will portray what happen in the academy. Started from when the main lead failed to win his Kobayashi Maru scenario in the simulator. It's his 30th attempt. And he still won't give up. Unlike Kirk, our main lead dislike cheating. So rather than modify the program, he find the way to beat the scenario. His motivation mainly to impress his childhood friend, the main heroine.

    At the other hand, the main heroine meet the main protagonist, and the chemistry begin to raise between the two of them. This new development, of course make the main lead furious, and consider the main antagonist as his arch rival. He do whatever he can to beat his rival, until they get off planet mission in an actual starship.

    Well, as usual, the red shirts group get the best starship around. The newly commissioned USS Valiant that has the best and newest Starfleet Technology. Comparable with the elite USS Enterprise. While the main lead, and the other ordinary cadets get old, and almost decommissioned starship, like the old Miranda in DS9 era. So just guess what happen next, the main lead force his way to compete with the elite, and the main antagonist doesn't want to give up. They do whatever they can to beat the others, until an accident happen and both ships trapped inside a space phenomenon.

    In that accident, the senior officers were taken by unknown forces, leave the cadets with their starship. without experience and proper knowledge to solve the problem, this accident cause many fatality. Luckily, with his tactical mind, and his broad knowledge (our main lead read many things, including Ferengi's psychology), he was able to save the old ship, plus all surviving red shirt cadets, with the expense of the newly, shiny USS Valiant.

    It is surprisingly that the accident was actually was engineered by the academy to test the cadets. And everyone who died or missing was actually made by technology so they were appear like dead in the eyes of the cadets.

    After this accident, the main lead get a lot of respect by his fellow cadets. Red Shirts, and ordinary. But he got scolded by the instructors because he sacrifice the best ship in the test.

    The academy arc ended with the main lead beat the Kobayashi Maru scenario without cheating.

    The next arc / story is about the main lead and the main antagonist that got transferred into the same ship. And like the first season, their rivalry still go on. Now, it's not about the main heroine, as she's transferred into different ship, but to another matter.
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    This seems like fan fiction rather than discussion of an actual future Trek project, so moving to that forum.