A Matter of Faith

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    The satisfying thing about this story, to me, is that the ending is less than satisfactory. A paradox? Perhaps. But that's life in Starfleet and command decisions often lack tidy outcomes with pretty wrapping and bows. I imagine Captain Sandhurst will replay this mission during sleepless nights. Did he do the right thing? It was "by the book," to be sure. And, if Zadra is to be believed, it was the option that would spare the most lives. (The needs of the many, blah, blah.) But it still sucks.

    So, the good ship Gibraltar sails on to her next mission. (REALLY miss this ship and crew, btw.) This won't be remembered as a shining moment, but I guess there's a reason that cadets take the Kobayashi Maru test at the Academy. With all due respect to James T. Kirk, there are no-win scenarios. Some days, you take the loss, go off and bleed a while, and get up to fight another day.

    Nicely done!
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    I agree with TLR. I miss Gibraltar and her crew as well. I hope we get to see them in some universe or another again. :)
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    I reviewed this on Ad Astra, but figured I'd say here, too: This is some seriously next level writing and I loved it.
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    I've had so much fun reading your reviews of the story on Ad Astra! :lol: Thank you!

    So glad you've enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. It was lovely to get a chance to revisit the Gibraltar crew in their prime.
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