A Call to Arms: Star Fleet - Book 2

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    A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is a miniature-based tabletop wargame co-developed by Amarillo Design Bureau and Mongoose Publishing, as an adaptation of Mongoose's A Call to Arms game engine (which had first been designed to support Babylon 5 space combat, and which was also adapted for use in the Fading Suns/Noble Armada sci-fi setting) to ADB's Star Fleet Universe setting (which appears in other games such as Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and the Prime Directive RPG systems).

    Recently, ADB posted an "early bird" take on the first expansion volume for ACtA:SF on Warehouse 23 and on DriveThruRPG; there will be a "final" version of this book in print and electronic form in the near-to-mid future.

    It should be noted that this book is intended to support the "version 1.2" edition of the core rulebook; the "version 1.1" edition was significantly revised in order to better fit the setting. In other words, this and other work on ACtA:SF will be based on the 1.2 core book going forward.

    As for what is actually in book 2: it offers new hull types (such as battleships) for the empires featured in book 1.2; it provides certain mission variants (scouts and commando ships), plus expanded rules enabling their use; it expands upon two factions (the Orions and Tholians) which had only been glimpsed at in the core rulebook; it adds a new empire (the Seltorians); and provides a few other things, such as a few "space monsters" and a preview of a faction set for book 3.

    In case you are wondering, the Seltorians are an insectoid species from the M81 Galaxy. In the SFU, the Tholians are also from M81; indeed, they had managed to conquer that entire galaxy and rule it for centuries. The Seltorians were genetically-engineered by the Tholians to serve as an "enforcer species", able to keep tabs on the myriad carbon-based life forms under Tholian dominion. Eventually, however, the Seltorians rose in revolt and successfully overthrew the Tholians in an act of mass xenocide; the surviving Tholians fled into exile, with the Seltorians sending long-range Tribunal expeditions in pursuit of them. This book allows for battles to be fought between these two in both the M81 and Milky Way galaxies.

    As with the thread for the revised edition of GPD4e, I felt this book warranted a discussion thread of its own, in case anyone here wishes to discuss it.

    And once again, I don't work for ADB, though I have ad a number of items published by them at various points in time.
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    As I mentioned in another topic, Book 2 is an expansion to Book 1 (version 1.2 is current) and not a stand-alone game itself. ACTA:SF is a "sister game" to SFB and FedCmdr based on the Mongoose game-engine. The current version is a re-write of what Mongoose wrote in-house by people who apparently didn't know SFB / FedCmdr very well. ADB staff did the re-write to keep the look-&-feel of ACTA but brought the SFB game balance back.