A ban & two moderator changes

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    Mar 27, 1999
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    In light of recent events, the following decisions have been made:

    1. The Mister Caps username has been disabled, as per the following clause in the BBS policy:

    If the ex-mod who Mister Caps claims to be would like to continue using the Mister Caps ID instead of her old one, she should mail us and that could be arranged. Let me note, however, my disgust at her decision to again refuse to post her opinions in an open manner and instead engage in subterfuge like this.

    2. Both Lightning and BlueAloe have been relieved from their positions as moderators, with thanks for their dedication to the board in the past.


    The Briefing Room is an important part of the BBS. It allows administrators and moderators to talk about things that should indeed best remain private - discussions about possible future moderators, reviews of each other's actions as well as just the venting of steam are best not done in public.

    The Briefing Room is only able to function well if it's indeed kept private, and administrators and moderators do not betray the trust placed in them by allowing their usernames to be used by others to access the BR. I'm not just talking about people mentioned in this thread, but also about several other former administrators and moderators who were involved in this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.