45th anniversary of Star Trek!

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    So, anyone planning on attending any of the conventions this year? (Heck yeah... I am! :techman:)

    Las Vegas and Dragon Con (August) are probably the 2 biggest in 2011, but there plenty of others scattered around the country.




    I did enjoy reading the results of an online poll at Startrek.com where http://startrek.com/article/following-fandom-a-brief-online-survey the pollster thought there were no "real" surprises...

    I was suprised that only 8% read trek novels or comics, while 12 % read fanfiction and 37% watched fan films.

    I was also suprised that of the respondents... 79% were female!

    Yoo Hoo! :bolian: (I know, selection bias... but I don't care! ;) )
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    I'll most likely be at the Vegas convention.

    Hey, no one became a fan because of Enterprise? Bummer.
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    I may make it to Vegas. At least I'll try too.

    Atlanta is too far away.
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    Well, fan fiction and fan films are free. :techman:
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    Not to mention that it might have something to do with character destruction and such.

    I used to like the books but the current trend of character destruction in the books has made me search for other alternatives in fan fiction instead.

    As for the fan films, I haven't watched so many yet, maybe because I find it hard to watch other actors instead of the originals portraying our heroes.
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    I disagree.
    I think objection to content is on the lower end of the scale. In these trying economic times, if given a choice to spend money they barely have vs. reading something for free. Free wins. Plus the market for published Trek books and comics have been on a decline for the last decade or more. That started way before you labeled anything "character distruction."

    Too answer the OP's question.
    My answer is "No".
    Can't afford it.
    There are no good Trek Con. here on the east coast as good as the ones in Vegas.
    I kinda met everyone I wanted to meet and I'm burnt out on going to cons.
    So to quote B.B. King: The thrill is gone.:(
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