24th century tennis -- Would anyone actually find it fun?

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    Nov 20, 2012
    For those unfamiliar, 24th century tennis was introduced in TNG's Suddenly Human, then brought back in Rivals in DS9.

    It's kind of like squash, only with a bunch of angled walls, and balls are only allowed to hit the wall on small circular areas.

    That means, if it hits a wall, bounces off another wall, and the second wall hit misses a small circular target, you lose the point.

    You would pretty much have to be an expert in the game just to run a single successful rally. Below the pro level, any game would mostly be about both players aiming for the large target on the back wall, and a lot of points would end with a player intentionally letting the ball pass by him and hit the wrong part of another wall, since it happens in a rather small room.

    So is tennis in the 24th century an elite, exclusive sport? Or is the idea mankind has just 'evolved' the superhuman fine motor control to hit tiny targets with ease?
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    I always thought it was just an alien sport that gained popularity in the Federation, not a game that's replaced tennis as we know it. Maybe it's not as difficult as it looks ;)

    We know dom-jot and plain old Earth pool exist side-by-side in the 24th century, so why not different variants of tennis?
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    Do you remember 3D chess? I still don't know how that came about.
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    Wasn't that called Racquetball? Whilst it might be similar to Tennis it isn't Tennis.

    There is no reason to believe that the game as we understand is not played in the 24th Century.

    Though I believe Tennis was mentioned in an episode of TOS and a couple of episodes of TNG. And didn't Janeway play Tennis in her youth?

    The real question is if the Tournament still exists will a Brit have won the Mens singles at Wimbledon. :P

    We know that several other Human sports surived into the 24th Century i.e. Football, as for American Football we can't say how popular it was as we last here it mentioned lasting into the mid 22nd, which is better than baseball which was the mid 21st century. That isn't to stay those games aren't played as we know that Sisko was a baseball fan. It might be far to saw that they became les spopular for whatevver reason.
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    I have always found 20th and 21st century tennis quite boring enough, thank you.

    What you describe is more like racquetball than tennis.
  6. R. Star

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    Jun 15, 2012
    21st century tennis does nothing for me. The racketball version they seem to have in the future is kind of a silly transparent attempt to look futuristic to me. Just like 3d chess
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    The neon glowy racquetball just gives me bad original BSG flashbacks....
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    We know ice hockey survived into the 24th century. Paris and Kim had just finished playing it on the holodeck in the tease of a Voyager episode.
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