2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

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    So you can actually check where the World Champions currently are. :D
    Flight LH2014 (World Champions onboard). :p
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    the 4th hanson bro
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    Pretty much how i saw the game with friends. Everybody on edge and very nervous as soon as the Argentinians passed the middle line and slightly panicked as soon as Messi had the ball (damn.. that little fella is FAST!). Argentina had some 100% chances to score (one by a monumental mistake by Kroos who's regarded as one of the best players in the german team and some put him on track as one of the best players of the world) but Germany also had its own chances to lock down the game.

    As everybody said these were two teams on the same level and neither gave up but i still say Germany was the more well rounded team without depending extremely on one player which i always say is the better way to build a team.

    I've rarely shouted and yelled this much and my throat was sore for the next few hours but that goal by Götze was jus so much relief, the few remaining minutes were still so nerve wrecking.

    I'm just so happy for the german team.. they had rebuilt the team from the ground up since the early 00s where it was just crap and went through many failures and disappointments over the last 10-12 years (chief among them the World Cup in Germany.. they had the talent but lacked experience and confidence) but each time they have learned from the mistakes and improved so this win is the final result of dedicated work on all levels - the german football association, the german league teams and especially the professional organization for the young talents where people like Müller and Kroos were spotted and received special attention.

    As anyone can see this pays off in the end and barring a few tense games like Algeria and Ghana the german team played the best games and won deservedly (and i say this not because i live in Germany).

    Special mention to Schweinsteiger who has impressed me in a massive way. He was attacked many times and some of these fouls were very nasty but he kept going even when he got a fist to the face and a resulting cut under the eye and he still returned to the game to lead his team. If that is not the most absolute badass moment of the game i don't know what is.

    Also i'd like to mention Sami Khedira who had the courage and the strength to drop out before the game when he had problems with his lower leg and had to be replaced. That also took balls to curb your ego and sit down for the benefit of the team. In this vein i was also impressed by his replacement - Krämer, who played his first game for the german national team and it's the final game of the World Cup but he didn't fold under the pressure and played a very good game until he took an argentinian shoulder full on to the face yet still managed to play on for 10 more minutes before he had to be switched out.. poor guy looked horrible when he left the field (some say he's got a concussion but he seemed fine enough after the game).

    The beauty of the german team right now is that they have such a large pool of very talented players to choose from who are still very young but already top players like Reus who was injured in the last game before the World Cup or Gündogan who had some long term medical issues. Most other teams would have sharply dropped in quality if they had to replace a key player moments before the game and then have to replace his replacement after a mere 25 minutes into the game but Germany did it. Props also for Löw for thinking on his feet and re-arranging the team on the spot to compensate.

    Congratulations to the team, party hard and see you in 2 years in France! :techman::techman:
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    That had to be one of the hardest decisions of his life. Of course, people who have been following his career already knew he was a team player, but this? This makes him a true champion.
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    What's he smoking?
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