2001: A Space Odyssey

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    3001 was my favorite of the lot. Get rid of the HAL/Dave stuff.
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    He was also a fan of the original midnight movie, a super bizarre western called El Topo.

    Regarding Hal, he should have just been instructed to tell Dave and Frank "I'm sorry, that information is classified." A completely truthful statement, that should not have triggered the Hoffsteader-Mobius loop that drove him mad.
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    Fixed that for ya ;)

    Then again, when did HAL ever actually lie to Dave and Frank?

    He didn't say "there is no monolith". He neglected to tell them there WAS a monolith. That is not a lie.

    And in the end, it's simply not important that Dave and Frank know about the monolith. It's not their JOB to know. Their only function is to get Discovery to Jupiter. Why do they need to know about something that doesn't affect that journey? HAL should have realized all this.
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    Denis Villeneuve.
    I would have to read the 2061/3001 material to properly answer your second question but Villeneuve has shown he can work in just about any genre and has successfully followed up an iconic sci-fi production.
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    He was my first thought too. He's the one director I would most trust to do an intelligent sci-fi movie that doesn't rely on spectacle.
    The only other person who pops into my mind as a possibility is Alex Garland, who wrote and directed Ex Machina and the Annihilation movie.
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    Having just watched 'Doctor Sleep', I would put Mike Flanagan in the mix. He had the difficult task of adopting Stephen King's novel as well as reconciling it with Stanley Kubrick's cinematic version of 'The Shining' and he more than was up to the task.
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    Addressing the latter question: Use the 3001 novel as the starting point, fold in the Mount Zeus plot line from 2061 with Frank in Floyd’s place. Forget the Independence Day cribbed ending - Frank is echoed/transfigured and joins Dave ‘HALman’ in defying the Monolith’s attempt to wipe Man off the map in favor of the endangered Europans, and act to save/protect both races.
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    I have been watching 2001 a lot lately and I noticed a couple of things:

    - Apparently the internal layout of the Discovery is slightly different in 2001 vs. 2010. Meaning: The way to get from the bridge to the podbay, in the original, is to go through the arched doorway at the back of the bridge, then descend a ladder into the podbay. When Frank is killed, that's how Dave gets down to the podbay - we don't see him going through the door, but we do see him coming down the ladder (the same ladder he would later ascend, on his way to HAL's control room).

    But in 2010, after 'ghost Dave' appears to Dr. Floyd, they go from the bridge directly into the access corridor, then into the podbay.

    - People keep saying that there shouldn't be any pods left in 2010 because 1) Frank's pod was lost when he was killed, 2) when Dave re-enters the Discovery, his pod should have been lost when he blew the hatch, and 3) the final pod was of course lost when Dave went into the monolith.

    But when Dave blows the hatch, the pod is still there. Agreed that it SHOULDN'T have been there, but obviously Dave must had some way of securing it to the ship, because when he goes flying into the emergency airlock the pod is clearly still outside.

    (I'm sure they did that because actually filming the loss of the pod would have surely been rather difficult. I mean, we don't even see the hatch go flying off, it just disappears)
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    Indeed, in 2010 you can see the Pod that's left is missing its door (since they'd been stored with the hatches closed), so it's the one HAL tried to maroon Dave in. As for why it didn't tumble off because of the explosive decompression, it could've been set to station-keeping and automatically fire its thrusters to keep from being pushed out of control.
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    Colonel Midnight
    ^ It’s been years since I read the book, but I seem/want to recall a whole chapter or so where Bowman, after lobotomizing HAL, etc., is basically “running on autopilot”, taking care of various mundane chores, as he deals with the grief of Pool’s death and being alone in space. It mentions him maneuvering the remaining pod into the bay, IIRC.

    In light of the whole “man/machine” theme, the passage takes on some more nuances/aspect.

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    Very late to the game, but...

    Yes, the control room was in the rotating section, as shot.

    Not as intended - it's no doubt intended to be at the non-rotating bow which has the appropriate window slits - but the indoors set is continuous, and even features at least one continuous camera run from the bunks to the bridge.

    Which only makes sense, because what would be the logic of placing the bridge anywhere else? For delicate manual dockings, there could be a separate room with a view and without rotation, but the CIC really should be where the bunks are.

    But also yes, the rotating section did not rotate at that time. Apparently, starting and stopping was no big deal, and it's just confusing rather than contradictory how they later explicitly show the section being stopped. Presumably it was more comfortable to ponder Floyd's idea while in gravity...

    Indeed. So instead of Velcro, we presumably have magnets or suction cups. The former work well also with carpeting (which might have been ripped out and dumped in-universe - remember the smell?), the latter only without...

    Timo Saloniemi
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    Really? Huh. I didn't know that. I'll have to check it again! :)

    Another thing: In 2010, the blue spacesuit is missing its helmet. I'm guessing Peter Hyams must have thought that Dave used that helmet when disabling HAL in the original film. But Dave actually used a green helmet, part of the green suit which was stowed inside the emergency airlock (and which, interestingly, doesn't appear at all in 2010).
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