“Space... the final frontier” Clean Recording

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    It does sound different, like Shatner's voice in general during the early 1970s. For example, if anyone sees his guest star roles on The Sixth Sense ("Can a Dead Man Strike from the Grave?" from 1972) or The Magician ("The Illusion of the Queen's Gambit" from 1974), t is easy to hear his voice not being exactly the same as it was when he recorded the TOS narration.
    His TAS narration is not delivered at the same level of "building call to action" as that heard in TOS, and word emphasis sounds different. It would seem Shatner re-recorded it for TAS, or some alternate take from TOS was used/modified (with the aforementioned reverb) for the show.
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    Yes. And from a purely practical standpoint, when they started producing TAS and Shatner was sitting at the microphone anyway, it would be pretty easy to have him recite the narration. The alternative was to drive over to the Paramount lot, get permission to root around in their tape library, find the surviving TOS reels, search through the reels on a tape machine, find the narration, and copy the TOS tape for use in TAS.

    They would never do all of that when they didn't have to. A new line reading for TAS would be easier, quicker, and cheaper, and it would sound better for not suffering the generational loss in the copying stage.