Yet Another Story Idea(s) – Star Trek: High School & San Francisco

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    In the past, I've had ideas for a variety of stories about Star Trek – stories about SCIS, a civilian merchant ship, Memory Alpha, a Saber-class ship crewed entirely by reptilian races, a Seeds of Dissent follow-up/spin-off, a Starfleet ship that focused more on border patrol and VIP escort, and a Titan back-in-time adventure, along with a group of similar/the same background characters – but recently I came up with a new idea: high school.

    What would a 23rd or 24th century high school look like, particularly one set in San Francisco? Would there still be jocks and nerds, cheerleaders and preppy kids, stoners and loners, rockers and band geeks, and all the other "modern day" high school stereotypes? Would Vulcans and Betazoids and Triexians who happen to live on Earth attend the same schools, and how does that effect the high school experience? What effect would having an admiral or a diplomat or a police officer or a holography star for a parent have on a Star Trek high school?

    Speaking of those parents, what do they do? While nearly everyone we've ever seen in Star Trek is Starfleet, government and diplomats, reporters, criminals, or aliens, what about the rest of them? What does life in the home of Starfleet Headquarters look like through the eyes of civilians – the police, the teachers, the musicians, the actors, the computer technicians, the restaurateurs, the book store clerks, the librarians, the college students?

    Let me know what you think, feel free to share any ideas, and, once again, thanks for your time.