Trill naming conventions through marriage and Joining

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    I've only read a couple of the DS9 novels. Do any of the other works reveal how Trills manage names through marriage and joining?

    For example, if (say) Bob Anor is joined to the Glyn symbiont, he becomes known as Bob Glyn. If he marries Suzy Toll, an unjoined Trill, does she become Suzy Anor, presumably (from the example of Ezri Tigan's unjoined family having 'normal' surnames)?

    What if she later becomes joined to the Brant symbiote? She'll go by Suzy Brant, but will her full legal name by Suzy Anor Brant?

    What if Suzy was already joined when she marries Bob? What last name do their children get?

    If there's no official word, what would you speculate happens? It seems to me it'd be quite difficult to keep track of Trill family records, even realizing that only ~300 Trill are joined annually, if the official method is to take the symbiont's name as the surname and completely forget the previous surname.
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    People changing their names upon marriage is a human convention, there's nothing to say that Trills do anything similar.

    From what we've seen the only time their names change is if they are Joined, with the Symbiont taking preference over the Host.

    From what we glimpse from "Rejoined", Tobias Dax and Nilani Kahn were both referred to as such despite being married and both being Joined.

    As for children, they would take a parents last name before they were Joined, seeing as how the Symbiont isn't involved in the mating, conception or birthing process, the offspring is the continuation of the Host's family. Exactly which name though is never stated, for all we know they could take the mother's last name, or possibly the last name of their gender parent (boys take their father's and girls take their mother's).

    It's an interesting thing to ponder.
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    We do know at least that Ezri's two brothers also had the surname Tigan, like their mother, which implies Terran-like surname usage, and since the vast majority of Trills aren't Joined, that would make sense for them.
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    But was Tigan the children's father's family name, or their mother's?

    The male and female children did have the same family name.

    I would assume that somewhere in Jadzia Dax legal identification there is a notation of her former name prior to her joining. In America when you change your name (which I've done) this is AKA (also known as).

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