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Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by thew40, Sep 21, 2009.

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    One of my big nerd fantasies was to watch all of Star Trek in chronological order. For years, this was nothing more than a fevered dream. But now I’m in a position to do it.

    (yes, I know there's someone else doing the same in this forum, but um . . . I'm different)

    I've been a Trekkie for a long time, though never really one to go to cons or even post in a forum. But now? Not only am I watching all of Star Trek in chronological order, but I'll be posting reviews here.

    DVD prices are dropping, I’m making more, and I have this kinda last chance to do something stupid/nerdy/fun before the wife and I start making babies. Now I’m not saying that I may have to pause in my viewings, as money may prevent from doing this as much as I would like to. But I’m at least set for Enterprise Season One. As soon as I finish picking up Seasons Two-Four, I should be golden until TNG Season One, which where the next gap in my collection comes.

    Reviews won’t be exceptionally elaborate, though I may take the time to talk about how this particular episodes fits into the macro-view of the Star Trek universe. I may (at the beginning or ending of a series) take the time to talk a little bit more about the series itself and my feelings about it.

    We’re starting with “Broken Bow” and going until “Star Trek” XI. So let’s kick it off . . .

    Series: Enterprise
    Episode: “Broken Bow”
    Trek Installment # 1
    Grade: B+
    Viewing Date: September 14, 2009

    Brown Bow is probably one of the strongest pilots of the Trek pilots. Lots of action and adventure. Some great pure Trek moments, like seeing and visiting new planets for the first time. It’s kinda fun to watch Trip, Hoshi, and Archer bumble around Rigel X with only T’Pol to set them right.

    In a lot of ways, it gives us a nice ground up look from Star Trek. These characters are far more down to Earth in that they can sometimes just come off as ignorant. The human characters in particular are interesting because they each seem to bring something to the table. Hoshi’s scared shitless, Reed’s sleeps with a phaser underneath his pillow, Mayweather is green but eager, and Archer is so incredibly determined.

    During the scene with where the Vulcans and Starfleet suits are debating over the fate of Klaang, it’s very interesting to see just how wrong Archer is. The Klingons would see Klaang’s fate as an honor. The Vulcans are the more reasonable choice to handle the matter. But Archer’s frustration and stubborn-ness in demanding he do it his way flies in the face of what we know about Klingon lore. It’s very interesting to watch immature humans go up against aliens of a more “mature” frame of mind.

    The decon scene is way over-sexed, though it’s interesting to watch given Trip and T’Pol’s future relationship.

    I liked Future Guy’s appearance here. I really wish they had stuck with this subplot. With the recent conversations revealing that it may have been a Romulan transmitting from the future, I think this could really have been something. The Suliban themselves are presented as a very fascinating threat, though I wouldn’t exactly call them that. At times, their actions didn’t make a ton of sense. There was a lot of potential with the Temporal Cold War that really didn’t pay off in the end. I think I’ll get to that later.

    The ending falls apart a little bit. The helix just kinda collapsing because Archer’s got some an awesome machine is way too simple. Why didn’t any of the ships chase Enterprise or try and go after it while they were in upper levels of the gas giant? What did the Klingons message say?

    Speaking of Klingon, the First City looked great. Very gothic. The Klingons themselves actually reminded a lot of the TOS Klingons, though I can’t rightly explain how. Just something about them.

    I digress . . .

    I did my best with this episode to take it as though this was the very beginning of the Star Trek saga and under those circumstances, the opening credits seem very appropriate. The work being done on the Enterprise and its eventual launch instills a certain epic feel to the episode that I feel lacks in some many pilots (though I could always change my mind later). There’s something very rousing, though, about the launch of the Enterprise. Admiral Forrest’s speech, Cochrane’s speech, Archer’s flashback, and the launch itself just bring about a very awesome sequence.

    The Good:

    - The scenes where T’Pol and the rest of the crew start to get along and she actually drops her bitchy Vulcan princess attitude
    - The characters are all nice and fresh and new
    - Everyone getting their “space legs,” as it were
    - The Temporal Cold War being so tantalizing and intriguing, yet also mysterious

    The Bad:
    - Jolene Blalock’s T’Pol really needs work. Her exchange with Hoshi when Sato is freaking out a little on the bridge is way un-Vulcan
    - Just some of the plot-holey stuff I mentioned above
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    Aug 7, 2003
    The Planet Akron in the Ohio Sector
    Series: Enterprise - Season One
    Episode: “Fight or Flight”
    Trek Installment # 2
    Grade: C+
    Viewing Date: September 15, 2009

    I felt this was a decent episode, though nothing really too exciting. The plot itself is fairly generic, but the characters shine in. T’Pol is very clearly the voice of reason, despite what Archer thinks. First contact with the Axanar is neat and I like how it plays with the idea that not every alien speaks English as had been presented quite a bit before hand.

    I really liked Sato in this episode and she shined in just about all of her scenes. It’s refreshing to have someone whose not all gung-ho about being in space. In particular, the scene where she tries to come up with excuses not to go is well done in that not only does it reveal more about her character but also shows up that Archer is very unlike most captains. Picard, Kirk, Sisko, and Janeway would have simply been like “Get over it and put your suit on.” Whereas Archer takes the time to talk to her and listen to her, but still maintaining the same “get over it” stance.

    The conflict in it of itself is appropriately over their heads. I like that we saw the Axanar, but not the fluid stealing aliens. That being said, the conflict resolves itself rather magically. Hoshi needs to get over her doubts by doing something stupid like talking to them rather texting – even though it shouldn’t actually be that way because if she can’t write and she knows she can’t speak it, then what’s the difference? Tone? Hmmm. Not explained. And then, just as the Axanar get off their first couple of shots, the targeting scanners miraculously work again. A little too clean an ending, if you ask me.

    The Sluggo subplot was fun, though.
  3. NCC-1701-B

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    Apr 4, 2009
    What are you going to do about Voyager and DS9? They happen at the same time :D
  4. Itisnotlogical

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    Jun 19, 2009
    Shufflin', shufflin', shufflin'...
    If it's in chronological order wouldn't you watch Star Trek XI after ENT?
  5. DevilEyes

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    Jun 9, 2009
    basking in the warmth of the Fire Caves
  6. thew40

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    Aug 7, 2003
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    I've arranged the episodes of TNG/DS9/VOY by airdate and (when necessary) storyarc.

    Yes. Star Trek XI is dead last.
  7. apenpaap

    apenpaap Commodore Commodore

    Don't worry. I stopped a month ago.

    EDIT: Also, if you want to really watch it chronologically, Living Witness comes last (It is the latest set episode that does not involve travel to/from the future)

    EDIT2: Here's the list I used in my thread:
    ENT Season 1-3 (Without Regeneration)
    ENT Season 4, without In a Mirror, Darkly and These are the Voyages
    TOS until The Tholian Web
    In a Mirror, Darkly (The Defiant, which is the only thing from the Prime Universe in the episode, comes from The Tholian Web)
    Rest of TOS
    Movies 1-6 and the first bit of Generations
    TNG Season 1-5
    TNG Season 6 and DS9 Season 1
    TNG Season 7 until The Pegasus and DS9 Season 2 until The Alternate
    These are the Voyages (Set during The Pegasus)
    Rest of TNG Season 7 and DS9 Season 2
    DS9 Season 3 until Meridian
    Rest of DS9 Season 3 and VOY Season 1
    DS9 Season 4 and VOY Season 2
    DS9 Season 5 until Things Past and VOY Season 3 until Warlord
    First Contact
    Rest of DS9 Season 5 and VOY Season 3
    DS9 Season 6 and VOY Season 4 (Without Living Witness)
    DS9 Season 7 until Covenant and VOY Season 5 until Thirty Days
    Rest of DS9 Season 7 and VOY Season 5
    VOY Season 6-7
    Trek XI (Nero and Spock, the only people from the Prime Universe, are from 2387)
    Living Witness (Set in the far future)
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    Jul 10, 2007
    Huh? Aren't you rewatching the first season of Enterprise right now? So, are you sticking Star Trek (2009) directly after These Are the Voyages ... or what?
  9. thew40

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    Aug 7, 2003
    The Planet Akron in the Ohio Sector
    Nope. After Nemesis. Just like apenpaap, since Spock Prime and Nero are from 2387, it's going last.

    Like I mentioned earlier, since TNG/DS9/VOY/movies 7-10 overlap, they've been arranged by airdate.
  10. M

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    Jul 10, 2007
    So, your answer to the question 'Wouldn't you watch Star Trek XI after ENT?' should have been 'No' and not 'Yes'. I guess I got a little confused.
  11. thew40

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    Aug 7, 2003
    The Planet Akron in the Ohio Sector
    Series: Enterprise - Season One
    Episode: “Strange New World”
    Trek Installment # 3
    Grade: C-
    Date: September 15, 2009

    The premise of the episode is reasonable – dangerous undetectable pollen causes away team to become paranoid. Chaos ensues. But it drags on . . . and on . . . and on. It broaches on silly, with no interesting twists, no character revealing moments, just crazy paranoia. And all is forgiven at the end.

    Again, T’Pol is the voice of reason. Again, Archer's ambition gets in the way and causes trouble. Again, no one listens to the experienced Vulcan.

    There are some nice little moments, but none of them are very exciting. The “lower deck” crewmembers at the beginning is nice, though I don’t think we see any of them ever again (except for Cutler). The amazement at arriving at a new world is a nice touch, as it’s all pretty new to this crew.
  12. Tulin

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    Jan 2, 2003
    With the most wonderful man in the world!
    Watching all of can only have our sympathies.

  13. apenpaap

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    ^Thanks for providing the mandatory Enterprise bash.
  14. barnaclelapse

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    May 10, 2009
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    Hope you have a good time, man. I've always wanted to try for that.
  15. Shazam!

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    Feb 22, 2006
    But he is watching Star Trek XI after Enterprise : /
  16. Yug

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Actually, he said he's watching Star Trek XI dead last. Technically after ENT, but he meant the last thing he'll watch after all of Trek (ENT,TOS,TNG,DS9,VOY and movies) is the reboot... which does make plenty of sense.
  17. thew40

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    Aug 7, 2003
    The Planet Akron in the Ohio Sector
    It's one of the "nerd dreams" I've always wanted to do and, well, just figured it was time y'know?

    Yeah, that whole conversation was confusing to me too.
  18. thew40

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    Aug 7, 2003
    The Planet Akron in the Ohio Sector
    Series: Enterprise - Season One
    Episode: “Unexpected”
    Trek Installment # 4
    Grade: D+
    Date: September 16, 2009

    Ship gets stalked by some moochers. Trip goes over to help ‘em, gets trippy, takes a nap. Fixes engine. Has telepathic contact with an alien lady. Gets knocked up. They try and find the baby mama. Bump into Klingons. Hilarity ensues.

    I think this episode has a nice premise and really could have been used to really show off just how strange an alien species can be and just how being intimate with one can be so much more wild and gross than with regular humans. In fact, the Xyrillian’s are nice and alien, with small little differences that make them above the standard “forehead of the week.”

    Unfortunately, those differences don’t exactly make up for the fact that the episode devolves into typical pregnancy clichés that are supposed to be more funny because they’re coming from a dude. Seriously, this would have been a great chance to play around with ideas of abortion, adoption, surrogacy, or even just baby mama drama. Instead . . . it gets real stupid real fast.

    The introduction of the holodeck always bothered me here. I’m assuming something happened to the Xyrillians that prevented them from joining the Federation and giving us some of that tech for a while. And obviously the Klingons just thought it was useless and buried it.

    One thing I liked about this episode were the problems the Enterprise was having in the beginning. It would have been nice if this was an on-going thing – like the ship was just a constant work-in-progress.

    K’tinga-class vessel? Really? Thanks for the info, Memory-Alpha.

    T’Pol gets some nice moments, like her exchange with Phlox about human food and when she’s chiding Trip in sickbay. Not to mention standing up for Archer on the bridge – it’s good to see her getting integrated with the crew.

    So, yeah, it gets a D+ . . . in spite of my wife stating that there were “funny moments.”

    “I can see my house from here!”
  19. fek'lhr

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    Sep 23, 2009
    I want to do the same thing but that means having to watch all of enterprise.
  20. thew40

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    Aug 7, 2003
    The Planet Akron in the Ohio Sector
    Honestly? It's not that bad. Some of the episodes are down-right good. Others are pretty terrible, but you get that with all the shows.

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