TNG Caption This! 296: Closer to Punctuality!

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    ^:rommie: Awesome!


    Data: Inquiry, sir -
    Picard: No, Data, it is not typical human behavior to pass out in a puddle of your own sick wearing nothing but combat boots. It is, however, typical for Betazoids.
    Crusher: That reminds me, Data, have the Betazed Shipping Guild stop by sick bay for inoculations.


    Nailed it.
    Hit that twice.
    Threw chairs.
    Looong weekend on the holodeck.
    She resisted with honor but ultimately succumbed to her own insatiable sexuality.
    Working the end-game.
    That's everyone, Worf!
    You forgot Pulaski.
    Really? Pulaski?
    It was...<stares off> terrifying. A glorious battle.


    Stop riding sidesaddle, LaForge! That is not bristol-fashion!
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    Wil Wheaton must be beaming these days. All of those kids telling him Riker's their favorite character on TNG
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    Data: "Yay! I got--I believe the expression is--snake eyes."

    Riker: "Yes, but it doesn't count if you use foam rubber dice."
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    Wesley: Sometimes, when I'm sleeping, I'm afraid the Enterprise is a dream, and I'll wake up in a Cardassian reform camp where I'm tortured by a Gul with an Oedipal complex and hook-hands. Are you listening to me?

    Worf: What? Oh yes. You like some girl with hook hands.
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    "YOU don't tell ME whenI'vehad...enough, Mr...Mr...Mr. Colander Face. HA! That's right, Mr. Colander Face! I'veperfectly fiiiiine. Warfff said I could have as muchasIwant! Now, I'm gonna gofind that exotic lill coffeespilling engineer chick and see if sheze gotsum whipped cream to go with that. Coffee. Hmmm."
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    Wes; This new holographic viewscreen is great, you can make out the food in his beard.
    Riker; Wes, run.