Star Trek fan game released

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    Dec 24, 2016
    A small space combat game built on Unreal Engine 4!

    • Numbers set Impulse Speed
    • Backspace is Full Stop
    • R is reverse speed
    • T is to cycle through Enemy Targets
    • Y is to reverse cycle Targets
    • U is to Target Nearest Enemy
    • F or Left Mouse Button is to fire Phasers
    • G or Middle Mouse Button is to fire Pulse/Disruptor Weapons
    • X or Right Mouse Button is to fire Torpedoes
    • C is to cycle Camera modes and Shift-C is to reverse cycle!HoQ2xKQa!JD-qLsHGLsEKA1eDur6E1OQB-Ncr6odaNOdpZoTe7vw

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