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    That is essentially how Mark Winegartner's Godfather novels work. They weave around The Godfather Part II and The Godfather Part III without actually touching them. The Godfather Part II happens in the middle of The Godfather Returns, and the second half of that book and The Godfather's Revenge build up toward The Godfather Part III, all without actually referencing the movies because they were licensed by the Puzo estate and not Paramount and thus could not touch Paramount's material.
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    Makes sense. Maybe some TNG or Titan stories could still be told in that missing time? Probably some ebooks at some point..
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    I'm sure that message boards do count as social media, since interactions here can be both informative and social. Certainly I have made many friends here - and met many of them a few days ago, and I picked up conversations like they were people I'd known socially for years.

    A quick Google found this: "forums and message boards -- old school social media...":
    Why Forums May Be the Most Powerful Social Media Channel for Brands

    And if the surviving Romulans claim one of their colony worlds as "New Romulus", most future novels won't have to change much at all.
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    I'm sure that could be done if it became necessary, but that doesn't mean we should rush to do it. A lot of readers would feel that overtly alternate-reality books would "count" less and would be less interested in them as a result.

    I don't know about "immediate," since it'd be hard to deal with those when their direct cause couldn't be openly mentioned.

    Anyway, I'd be happy if Pocket just avoided the question for now. No need to rush forward any more than we have already. (Heck, lately I've been going rather far backward...)
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    Thanks. I should quit being so lazy. :biggrin:
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    Right, what ever. I knew you would claim a counter argument, anyway, can not be arsed.
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    That's pretty much as I gathered, but still extremely disappointing.:sigh:

    I do appreciate the little "under the radar" nods we've gotten.
    "What year is it?"

    "2386, just like every other year!"

    *cue Doctor Who "The Wedding of River Song"-style bizarro universe*
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    The 'count less' situation is somewhat ridiculous given that they're all made up stories, but I can personally attest that it's true - I do feel that way.

    I certainly have no problem with slowing down or even backtracking and gap filling, but I don't want to lose all forward momentum. That the Litverse is expanding and developing is a huge part of why I'm invested in it.

    Using the Godfather analogy (and I‘ve read them) would seem to be the best option if the rights issues cannot be resolved. Foreshadowing is still on the table if done so as not to be overly specic - we could still have some resolution to Spocks story. Assuming all readers have seen the new movies isn't a stretch if the reasons for the absence of both Spock and Romulus (and Remus ?) cannot be directly referenced.

    It could be a rather knowing 'dance' around specifics for a while, but considering Fosters novelisation to be the only mention required in Treklit could work, and indeed may have to.
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    With the Star Trek books I think that they can do it, with only what we saw on screen and make it work with the books. For me the real problem was the Countdown comic and that does just not fit with the trajectory of the books. Otherwise, it would be the logical, next-big-epic-event.
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    Countdown's already been canned. It's not in continuity with the novels and as it's not 'on screen canon' the novels have no obligation to follow it.
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    Which is great, because I really did not like it. But the books following what we saw in '09 have a lot of room to create something quite epic. Just hoping Gell Kamemor survives, I really love that character!
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    It'd be great to get the Ascendants story concluded.
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    I'm glad to hear that the books are going to be slowing down, the big time jumps between books has been one of my biggest complaints for the last several years.
    As for the Hobus Supernova, I am a little disappointed to hear that there are issue keeping the books away from it. I was hoping once the books made it to that point in the timeline we'd get a big Destiny style crossover dealing with it and it's aftermath. I hope they can at least still deal with the loss of Romulus in some form, that's to big of a game changer to have to just ignore it.
    I'm not sure what the think of the idea of just setting the Destiny universe/Novelverse/whateveryouwantocallitverse aside as an alternate timeline. Personally, I'm interested enough in the what the books have been doing that I would continue to read, and look forward to the books no matter what, but I have a feeling a lot of potential readers might be turned off if they found out the books "didn't count" anymore.
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    Dear gods, I'm out of the loop. I have no idea what anyone's talking about. Of course, I also didn't get to hit any of the book panels, what with being tied to the STARFLEET recruiting table a good portion of Shore Leave Sunday, and the pocket program having so little info on what panels were actually ABOUT. :P