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Discussion in 'Stargate' started by starsuperion, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. starsuperion

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    Mar 28, 2010
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    Okay, so I am new to this side of the trekbbs Forums..

    I have to say, I am impressed with the witty commentary by other fans. I am sorta new to the whole stargate experience..

    But I found that the first Stargate series I really liked is Atlantis. I have pretty much watched the entire series on ROKU (netflix) and I am saddened by the fact that there are only 5 seasons..

    In a way, I understand, it wasn't making any money, and so they wanted a show that is similar to the success of Battle star galactica..

    But I am remorse at the loss of the SGA show. It was comfortable... Not too edgy, but It was like cheers..the show.

    where everybody knows your name..I was just beginning to respect Robert Picardo's character, and I was even okay with Atlantis being landed on Earth..

    there were a lot of loose ends that needed to be tied up in the Pegasus galaxy..

    but then along comes SG-U, now, don't get me wrong, but, I just watched the first few minutes of the show, and so far, I am unimpressed..

    the ship is cool and all, but it's a spaceship, how many spaceships am I going to see in scifi??

    anyhow, I know its an ancient ship, but still, something makes me wish Dr. McKay and Shepard were there..

    I miss Atlantis, and I know a supposed movie is coming and all, but can't there be an SGA revival like which brought back SG-1??

    I just wish the producers could get another 5 seasons and realy hit home with some awesome scifi drama, and make atlantis an exceptional finale..a movie as the end of the series?? come on...

    they could do some wild stuff, like make the atlantis city just a small part, and find add-ons that were previously lost, or explore new things from the secret janus lab, there is so much potential there, and not to mention the lost asgard storylines..

    I am just having trouble switching to a new crew, and show of SGU, after watching SGA and becoming attached to the core crew of that series..

    I know, some people will say, well SGU is a better show, maybe..

    maybe they are right...

    But I haven't given it a chance yet.. I am still in mourning over the loss of's going to take me awhile..
    I wasn't interested in BSG, it just seemed too drama and not enough SCI in the fi..Atlantis had quirky style and fun..I just can't get in line with the SGU crowd..

    Am I alone?? I don't know..but for right now atleast, I am not interested in continuing past the gaming freak, and General O'neal's front door meet and greet..:vulcan: in the first few minutes of SGU...

    I just can't get interested.. i am going to go rewatch SGA..

    my fanboy wish is to see Col. Shepard commanding an Ancient ship..(which was briefly seen in earlier SGA episodes..but they always lost their ships!! that was always frustrating to me..)
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  2. The Wormhole

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    Jul 23, 2001
    Heh, you and me both. McKay should have been able to get everyone back home by the end of the pilot episode. But if for some reason he didn't, than Sheppard would have had the balls to carry though and vent the gate room of its atmosphere when the Lucian Alliance boarded.

    But anyhoo, Atlantis was an amazing show in its first two seasons. They did some really great stuff back then and at time (especially in the first) it reminded me of Star Trek's good old days. Yes, I did intend to say Star Trek, watching Atlantis episode from the first half of the first season reminded me of way back one upon a time when I first began watching TNG.

    Unfortunately, by the time they got to the third season they were starting to run out of ideas. And the ideas they had they weren't doing anything with. The Michael storyline was a mess which had the potential to be somewhat decent, never really seemed to amount to anything. And the less said about the Replicators the better.

    The fourth season suffered from unnecessary changes, most notably among the cast, and by now they were resorting to tired old sci-fi cliches for episodes or recycling SG-1 episodes with the characters acknowledging they were recycling SG-1 episodes, like in Doppleganger compared to SG-1's Cold Lazarus.

    Atlantis began puling itself together in its fifth season but unfortunately by then it was too little too late.

    The potential to do this has always existed in Atlantis, it was just squandered in favour of doing other things like bring the Replicators back from their 15th extinction.
  3. bullethead

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    Feb 24, 2008
    I totally agree with what you and The Wormhole said. Atlantis in its first two seasons was pretty damn good, and although it stumbled through the third and fourth seasons, it was starting to pick up in the fifth season. It was a much more balanced show than SGU, where we did get some darkness, but it never became overbearing and there was a bit more humor to lighten things up. I do think that the writing staff was tapped out once they hit S3, since most of them worked on SG-1, so they really should've gotten lots of new writers who could add their own take to the show.

    In all honesty, SGU appears to be a ripoff of Atlantis in several ways and given the lack of Atlantis references in SGU, I think the producers wanted SGU to be Atlantis done "right" and cover up what they perceive to be an embarrassment. However, SGU is an utter failure creatively and it came out too late to cash in on the "dark" show trend of the first part of the decade. It's the wrong show at the wrong time; people want something lighter to allow them to escape the problems we're having right now with the economy and everything else, not make them more depressed.
  4. The Wormhole

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    Jul 23, 2001
    While they certainly haven't gone out of their way to referance Atlantis as much as they have SG-1, I wouldn't say there's a lack of Atlantis referances. Indeed, in the pilot they even said they got the nine-chevron address to Destiny from the Atlantis database, and there was specualtion at one point in the early episodes that Destiny's systems were DNA-encoded like Atlantis's. Also, there have been a few throw-away referances to the Pegasus galaxy.

    And finally, McKay and Woolsey are due to appear in season 2.
  5. starsuperion

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    Mar 28, 2010
    Virginia, USA
    I agree, that whole replicators stuff was a bit of a drag, and everytime they went there, I kept thinking, why the heck didn't they beam guys over and steal those ships in orbit before the planet blew?? that would have been cool to see shepard get his own ship.. but then again, the show is called stargate, which kinda makes the whole spaceship thing a bit out of line with the ultimate premise of the show..

    still.I agree, season 1-2 were amazing, and 3-4 stumbled quite a bit, but I did like the intro of Todd, he was a cool villain to see popping back up off and on..

    5 did take it back and bring home a new feeling, but as you say it was too late..although I did get a good feel for woolsey..I did start to like him..his reaction to the replicators trying to sink Atlantis, was what did it for me..

    that pretty much sums up the whole feel to what the SGU series is.. I think if they want to really cashin.. they should continue the SGU series, and Bring back SGA.. and then merge SGU and SGA with cross overs here and there.. then people get both, and enjoy it.. What is enjoyable about SGA is that unlike the Star Trek DS9 Series, the SGA series had style and excitement.. the city may have been stationary, but it can move, and explore more of the pegasus galaxy..

    writers on the Series should have bowed out and gave some others a chance, indeed.. they could have come up with some crazy things, now especially since a coalition was being formed.. that could have yeilded a new star wars like story line for the galaxy..with other higher technological races joining in.. maybe some people who were blue and so on..maybe the race that created the arm teleportation device.. or those mutants from the deadalus variations started showing up, that would have been cool..

    there was just so much there, comedic timing, and humour, with that bit of science fiction wonder that made you want to see the good guys get the cool tech, and add it to their arsenal..

    that's pretty cool, but I still think that SGA is the place for the series to really get back on top as the best scifi on tv, they just need to go and spend a few years writing the new stories, and iron out an entire season ahead of schedule, so they can get it right, and let SGU run it's course, or atleast brighten it up..wrong show, wrong time is soo accurate..

    I definitely want a show that is more fun and less depressing then my news, and economic future is on a day to day basis..the constant dark, and serious, sometimes depressing nature of the SGU crew's plight and dark tones make me apprehensive, and not really interested in it..

    STNG worked because on top of all that action and dire circumstances, it had humour and good interaction between the crew, and actors complimented each other well, the last cast of SGA had a good chemistry that was just coming together..

    I hope someone out there in TV land sees this thread, or a ground swell of SGA support takes hold, and those behind the times, and trends of the TV audience wake up and realize, that as of right now..

    SGA is perfectly suited to help us escape the mundane, and enjoy a bit of scifi, with some style, laughs, and good friends..

    it's like cheers, only better..and with a cool city..:techman:

    (a part of me stil thinks a story should have been written where Shepard gets weir from space in a jumper and helps her to create her own human body... and then destroy the replicator one) there is just so much there that was left untouched..

    I still wanted to see shepard bag the scavenger chick.:eek: that would have been cool, after all he pines away over her, would be nice to see him happy.. kinda like kirk getting with Dr. Marcus..
  6. Mr. Adventure

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    Jun 9, 2001
    Mr. Adventure
    Atlantis was genial but there wasn't much going on outside of that. I suppose comfort food is good sometimes though.
  7. starsuperion

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    Mar 28, 2010
    Virginia, USA
    yeah.. it's like a good comfort dish.. only they should try to add some spices and bring it back.

    then there's the comfort, and something new, that makes you want to enjoy it some more..

    5 more seasons with a movie ending would do that series well..
    plus, the genial moments, and the tech itself, is what I want the most.. the stories were good, and going someplace..

    they just need to do so once again..

    there is potential much so, like why not have shepard's team brought before the ascended ancients? or better yet, one of the crew becomes ascended... and stays so, maybe zalenka? what if they recreate the gate bridge?? or how about those alien clone warriors who were in that alternate reality? they would be a good menace, invaders from an alternate dimension!

    a battle royal against the wraith, or the ancients come back to wipe the wraith out of the pegasus galaxy, and all of them are now without the need to feed do to the final retro virus, or something like that, and the lost tribe asgard are needed to help defeat them, either way, there is potential there for future seasons and stories, it just takes some writer with enough imagination to take that series back and bring it to a new life..

    comfort food is good, especially for times where you feel like there is nothing else to eat.. and right now, the cupboard is pretty bare..

    Warehouse 13 (donut), eureka (donut), Doctor who (eclair), and maybe, maybe fringe (donut holes).. but other then that..

    SGU just doesn't do it for me..and those other series, except doctor who, don't have the epic space star trek or star wars filler I's like I get the donut, but not the cream filling..I need an American Sci-fi with the Good ole' soul food feel, and SGU has Pits in the center..not the sugary fluff that I crave right now..

    bullethead hit the nail on the head.. SGU would have worked int he first part of the decade, like BSG did..but now tastes have changed.. and I agree..

    SGA was the light at the end of the work day shift.. but now it's too dark to enjoy my evening..friends is off the air..nothing else really interests me..

    so I am kinda stuck now..and I refuse to watch More of SGU then what I have just seems, so depressing..

    please say it gets better..serious I can handle, but episode by episode it gets tiresome..
  8. Kai Winn

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    Nov 5, 2009
    atlantis is my favourite stargate show too, but in particular the seasons 3 and 4. what's the problems with the pegasus replicators? there was only one race of them in the whole galaxy, and i found the abundance of humans far more puzzling. how did they get there? as far as i remember, the goa'uld spread humans all over the milky way, not the ancients, the ancients did not ship them to pegasus either, and the goa'uld were unknown there. if i have to name my favourite atlantis episode, amongst many, it's the two parts of the return.
    what in hell would shepard do with one of the obsolete ancient starships? they are no match for the asgard-updated daedalus class. and why did ancient technology move backwards, anyway? the ships of atlantis are about 10,000 years old technology (why did the asurans not improve them?), while the destiny is far older and far superior.
  9. bullethead

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    Feb 24, 2008
    People didn't like the Asurans because the Replicators already had their send off in SG-1 S8 and the whole RepliCarter thing kinda put some people off. There were humans in Pegasus because the Ancients decided to populate Pegasus with humans.

    I'm not sure what you are referring to, but for most of SGA, anything was better than a Daedalus class in terms of firepower. The Asgard upgrades to the Daedalus class came after the Ori arc ended and the Asgard stupidly blew themselves up.

    As for the Destiny being superior, it only looks that way because we never really got an in depth look at an Aurora. All we really know about them is that they have drones, a Jumper bay, shields strong enough to take on Wraith weapons fire, and a hyperdrive. The only things noteworthy about Destiny are its solar refueling, Kinos, and that its still running. The thing is 50+ million years old and is only running due to the quality of its construction and even then it has degraded pretty badly. Aside from the Aurora (which was pounded into shit), all the stuff Atlantis found was in pretty good working condition.
  10. bigdaddy

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    Oct 19, 2007
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    First off, Atlantis was making money, they thought DVD movies would make more money. Then MGM ran out of money and there are no movies.

    Anyways. Atlantis had a lot of promise and somehow managed to destroy itself, it got worse and worse as time went on and by season 5 I gave up on the show.
  11. Kai Winn

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    Nov 5, 2009
    true, but the deadalus-class was a year or two in service when it got the pretty blue asgard beams, not 10,000 years, an it's shields were good enough to battle the mighty ori ships from the start. before the upgrade, it nuked a couple of really big wraith ships, and a whole fleet of asuran vessels. nukes are firepower, substantially more so than the ancient drones. not so hip, though.

    the aurora is such an eye sore, firepower does not redeem that.

    i liked the asgard comeback in sga season 5, hoped there would me more bad asgards.
  12. bullethead

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    Feb 24, 2008
    A Daedalus class ship could only take two shots from an Ori ship's main gun before the shields failed. While impressive compared to a Ha'tak's performance, it wasn't that great. As for nukes, they are utterly useless unless they are beamed into something or hit an unshielded target. In fact, the only thing that I can recall being killed by nukes without the need for some sort of convoluted scheme was a Wraith cruiser. Ancient drones have shield penetrating abilities and are capable of complex maneuvers, making them superior to all missile systems Earth uses.
  13. broberfett

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    I still want to see that Atlantis movie they seem to have cancelled.

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