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    The year is 2393.

    Honoring the heritage of the past and celebrating the challenges of the future, Starbase 249 is being raised from the ashes, destined to be a purpose built Medical and Related Science’s Centre; code-named MARS Facility.

    Once a thriving hub of activity in the middle of a federation trading sector, Starbase 249 stood as a proud icon in the Omega Piscium System just above the planet ORAXA playing host to a range of trading groups and sheriff all at the same time. However, because of disagreements with regional powerhouse trading groups Starfleet agreed to withdraw for a short period. As such, the station has since lain dormant, disused and isolated from Starfleet use for over 18 months.

    This period has allowed Starfleet the opportunity to actively and collectively rethink the purpose of the base. Whilst one priority was to re-establish the trade routes through the base, Starfleet wanted a more humanitarian purpose that would signify its original routes of exploration and correct the mistakes of becoming to heavily involved with the trade aspects of the systems.

    The outcome – the MARS Facility – a medical and related science’s research outpost.

    The station was brought back to life by a group of specialist engineers, led by the able and capable leading engineer and then commanding officer, Commander Caleb Tascioni. This team laid the groundwork on the new internal design for the specialist centre as well as kick starting its re-launch in preparation for the new command staff to join.

    The continued task for the station is to continue their research work in various fields, continue to upgrade the research centre, ensure that ships that dock with Starbase 249 are fully re-supplied and repaired, and build a good relationship with the peoples of this area. The station is capable of using the latest technology and has made the hanger bay doors able to fit the largest of starship designs through.

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    The USS Vanguard, a Prometheus Class starship, is based out of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 38. A few chief officer positions remain open and many of the assistant chief positions are open so act fast before they all fill up. The website is http://ussvanguard.bravofleet.com. The Vanguard is rated 16+ for our age requirement, Please check us out and hope to be writing with you soon!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message here on the forum or email me using the link provided, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Current Mission: Forced Frontiers

    While surveying some previously undiscovered ruins on a planet along their patrol route, the Vanguard's crew encounters a relic from the unknown culture that used to inhabit the ruins. Little do they know this relic will drastically change the lives of every person on the ship. Life as it has been, will never be the same.

    Our Progress so Far:

    The Vanguard has just entered orbit of the mysterious planet emanating odd energy signatures. Away teams have been formed and they are preparing to beam down to the Planet to search for the source of the energy signatures as well as any resources that could be used to conduct some repairs on the ship itself. The energy source was discovered to be a small crystal inside of some ruins on the planet, its origin and makeup unknown. Barhschmidt , the ships science officer, and the Captain are currently working in the science lab trying to figure the object out while the rest of the crew works on the survey of the mysterious planet. While submitting the crystal to low level neutrinos, the crystal activated and reacted to the presence of the nearby moon transporting the Vanguard to the Delta Quadrant, leaving many crew behind on the moon including several senior officers. The crew awakens to discover their new predicament and immediately begins to think of ways to get home when long range sensors detect a faint Federation transponder signal. Captain Romanov has decided to rally whats left of his senior crew and come up with solutions.
    Below are the positions still open:

    Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Diplomatic Officer
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    Chief Strategic Operations Officer
    Chief Counselor
    Chief of the Boat
    and all of the assistant Chief positions

    Have an Idea for for a character but the position such as Chief Morale officer or a civilian position? Let me known and we can work something out!