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    It could still work.. After all, Bill Pullman can play the President in two universes (ID4 and 1600 Penn), why not Anthony Head?
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    Roger Delgado took evil to a whole new level. Delgado, Delgado, Delgado!
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    Ouch! Forgotten already? You were just down ther
    He's known for a few shows in the UK. Shortly after he left Buffy, he did a drama about wealthy middle-aged men called Manchild. (That show also starred Don Warrington, who played the President of Great Britain in the alternate universe in "Rise of the Cybermen.") He also played Uther Pendragon on Merlin.

    But then, nothing about Little Britain should be taken too seriously. Tom Baker provides the narration and he's constantly breaking the 4th wall. In one episode, he just refers to Anthony Stewart Head as "That guy from Buffy." In another, Tom Baker insists that there's never anything good on TV "except for Doctor Who reruns and that one episode of Black Adder II that I'm in."
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    And long before Buffy, Anthony Head was well known in the UK as 'that guy from the coffee ads'. Or even as 'that guy who's played the posh bit part in loads of things. You know, the one who's a bit like Nigel Havers but never seems to get the lead role.' ISTR that he originally tried his luck in the States because typecasting from the coffee ads meant he was losing out on roles in the UK.
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    Why do you call him the 13th Master? :confused:
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    He's taking the position that Roger Delgado is the version of the Master whom Chancellor Goth found burned and disfigured on Terserus (as played by Peter Pratt). Since Pratt's Master is at the end of his 13th incarnation, so is Delgado's.

    There's nothing emperical to suggest Delgado has regenerated 12 times, but then again, there's nothing really to refute it. Delgado's form just happens to be the first time we as the audience have seen the Master.


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    1 - Roger Delgado - Affably evil is a good description of him and his mannerisms. He is a cross between a gentlemen, a scholar and a thug, rather like Moriarty and a match for the 3rd Doctor. His scenes with the Doctor are almost always standout, whether it's fighting one another or being tolerant of the others existence.

    Of course he has his problems, like the fact that he's almost always double crossed.

    2 - John Simm - One of the problems with RTD's 10th Doctor was that he was just as flippant with evil villains as Douglas Adams 4th Doctor, which had the habbit of killing a lot of tension. As such John Simms Master makes a great foil for the 10th Doctor, being equally as flippant towards the "heroes". He is pretty much a dark reflection of Tennants Doctor.

    Also for all the goofiness of Last of the Time Lords, Simms Master is perhaps the most effective of all the Masters.

    Well, until the whole "I believe in fairies" thing.

    3 - Decaying Master - The Grim Reaper Master. A bit comic booky but when the look was done right he actually looked to be the scariest villain/monster in Doctor Who.

    I get the feeling RTD tried to copy that idea when it came to "End of Time", problem was it just ended up being utterly silly.

    4 - Anthony Ainley - This is a hard one, Ainley's Master had a lot of poor stories and hamming it up didn't help. I feel he was at his best in Logopolis, Five Doctors and Survival, but the rest damn poor.

    5 - Derek Jacobi - If they ever do bring the Master back, I hope he's like Derek Jacobi's the very short stint. Chilling, such a shame we didn't get to see more of him.

    6 - Eric Roberts - Not bad, but the venom spitting thing just didn't work for him.
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    If it's ever shown or revealed that the Master had an incarnation after the Delgado one that became the burned one, I have no problem accepting Delgado was the Twelfth, or even earlier. I read that a novel established he was in his final incarnation due to some encounter with the Second Doctor, or something? I haven't read it yet, and may never, because I find Doctor Who novels difficult to read.

    Edit: Also, I don't really like referring to the incarnations of the Doctor as the actors, so I try to apply the same terminology for the Master and Romana. I hate equating characters and actors other than for the occasional in-joke reference. I especially hate it when a character is called the actor as if that's funny.
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    The Dark Path, written by this forum's very own LoneMagpie.
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    It is funny, when the actor's mannerisms or pretty face are more prominent than the character's traits less associated with the actor. That's kind of, not how it's supposed to go:p

    But I do agree otherwise about referring to characters with their actors' names. Suits that with Ten it works as an abbreviation of Tennant too so you can't really separate the actor:rolleyes:

    I think why it's not nice to refer to characters by their actor's name is that, it sounds like the actor is nothing but the character hers playing. And that's not nice. Even if I have no idea who else they might be.
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