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  1. Gil T.Azell

    Gil T.Azell Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Mar 11, 2005
    Gil T.Azell
    Helping a freind set up her kids Bunk and stubbed my index toe on her kitchen table while have a break to eat.
    this was the result.

    I didn't even swear, though I could have filled the jar, :rommie:

    She was like "Bill that's gross"
  2. R. Star

    R. Star Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jun 15, 2012
    That happened to me a couple months back. Took a long time before the coloring was right again. Accidents happen, and unless your friend wants to amputate maybe she should be thanking you for helping her instead of commenting on how gross your foot that your hurt helping her is. :p

    Hope it heals quick!
  3. marksound

    marksound Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Nov 19, 2008
    Planet Carcazed
    Two words: Shoes. Always.

    In my younger years I banged my feet on things, stepped in pet "gifts," dropped things on my toes, etc. so many times that I finally learned that shoes are my friends. And that's just at home.

    At work I wear steel toed boots.
  4. Avon

    Avon Commodore Commodore

    May 7, 2010
    "ouch! i stubbed my toe! i must tell the internet!!1!"
  5. Gary7

    Gary7 Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    I have a photo of my big toe, with the toe nail removed (don't worry, I won't post it!). Why? Because I fell in a most peculiar circumstance whereby I couldn't change my direction and hyper-extended my toe, effectively snapping off the nail at the nail bed. Needless to say, it was like someone took a hatchet and removed my toe, and no anesthetic applied just prior. It hurt like hell to the point I nearly threw up.

    I'm only saying this as a kind of... "could have been worse". ;)

    Anyway, be thankful it wasn't!!
  6. Gil T.Azell

    Gil T.Azell Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Mar 11, 2005
    Gil T.Azell
    she feels bad about it, I said don't worry I should have been more careful, plus the hugs I got were worth it.
    and the bruise cover just over a 1/3 of the toe now.
  7. Portal

    Portal Commander Red Shirt

    May 10, 2013
    I once tore off my big toenail on a floor tile. It was gruesome at first but it healed quickly. Oh agony!
  8. scotpens

    scotpens Vice Admiral Admiral

    Nov 29, 2009
    Los Angeles, CA
    I've never heard anyone refer to their second toe as an "index toe" before. Do you use it to point to things? :)

    Welcome to the Social Networking Age!

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