Original baddie?

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    Ron Veto

    [​IMG]...as Harrison Ron Veto was an actor of Hawaiian origin, who portrayed Harrison


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    Not Khan? Not Mitchell? Not Garth? Not possible! How dare TPTB mislead us by only *now* divulging the name of the villain.

    And to think they made it seem so obvious the villain was who I wanted it to be. I don't know who John Harrison is, but *I* didn't predict him.

  3. Jackson_Roykirk

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    Thanks for the correction. It's odd, because on memory-alpha under the entry for "Harrison" (not under the entry for "Ron Veto") they only list 13 episodes, which also matches IMDB.

    My other two points are still valid:

    1. There is no reason to believe Cumberbatch is playing the same guy named "Harrison", considering it is a common name -- although the movie will probably never specify one way or the other if it is the same character.

    2. Considering that Harrison's name was only associated with an on-screen character once (in Space Seed), AND that identification of the character was ambiguous, we can't be 100% sure that Veto was "Harrison": There were two actors seen on the screen, and the two were identified as Thule and Harrison -- but we can't be sure which actor was Thule and which was Harrison. Therefore, Veto may have been "Thule".

    Having said that, considering Kirk was naming the people in that scene in a certain order (counterclockwise around him), it does seem to follow that Veto was Harrison.
  4. Kpnuts

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    Nov 25, 1999
    How many people who go to see Into Darkness will be aware of who Gary Mitchell is, maybe 5% of the audience? Abrams cares more about the general movie goer. To tie Mitchell into some obscure TOS appearance is even more silly.
  5. Franklin

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    There's another TOS Harrison. The entry below is from the Lexicon of my trusty 1976 edition of the "Star Trek Concordance".

    "Harrison, Dr. (John Bellah): Young pathologist who catches the Psi 2000 virus; Spock sees him in a passageway, painting "Love Mankind" and "Sinner Repent" on the bulkheads and laughing hysterically. McCoy later calls Dr. Harrison on the intercom and gets nothing but laughter."

    The entry for Veto's Harrison appears uncredited to an actor as:
    "Harrison, Technician 1/C: Crewman on the bridge when Khan Noonian Singh takes over and nearly suffocates the entire bridge crew."

    For what it's worth, there's a third Harrison listed. William B. Harrison (uncredited to an actor) who was the last of Captain Merik's men to die in "Bread and Circuses".
  6. Jackson_Roykirk

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    Jan 10, 2007
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    In the TOS episode The Naked Time, McCoy calls down to the biopsy lab on the intercom, asking for a report, and calls for the guy on the other end (calling out "Harrison"), but gets no answer...

    ...Later in the episode, McCoy calls the biopsy lab again looking for the report, and the guy at the other end (this time no name given) sounds like he is infected with the "Naked Time Disease" and was babbling and laughing (he actually sounded like he was wasted from smoking a doobie ;)).

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