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    "Excuse me, I'm just finishing up a speech–for you, Mr. Spock. I rather enjoy writing. I don't get to do it very often in this job."
    "Perhaps you would be happier in another job." - Sela and Data, Reunification Part II
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    Yeah. They wanted to do something special to end TNG's run but they did the wrong story. They had the backstory for Nemesis if done right, and that was reunification. They also had the idea that the Romulans had just helped the Federation win the war against the Dominion. If you're going to do a romulan story, go all the way and bring back the idea of Reunification. You can still do a lot of what they did in the movie (Like killing Data, or at least give him a much more powerful death) and the movie can end with not only Riker moving on, but showing a sign of Reunification by actually delivering Jerok's letter home. Now you've just completed one of TNG's more popular story arcs (Everything dealing with the romulans) and given the audience a sense of, yeah this is the TNG I remember. You can have all the action you want, mainly because it's a movie, but the heart of it will still be true TNG. I still think Nemesis was Berman's greatest missed opportunity, for all the crap that he gets. I would have loved to see that kind of movie.
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    Iceberg warning...

    Bogging down a movie with "canon" and TV show background isn't going to help. It could be said the TNG-through-to-Nemesis "universe" was being dragged down by its own canon and history. Hence, reboot with the new movie and bang, success.

    Yes, Khan had a show origin "backstory," but that was explained and done with with a short little "speech" by Khan. It didn't drag the movie down.

    Trying to tie in and bring in so many elements from the series is just going to appeal to hard-core fans, who aren't a big enough audience to make a movie successful.
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    But I would suggest, why not?
    So bring in a Romulan villain in NEM.

    General movie-going audience doesn't know the difference between new unknown Shinzon or backstoried Tomalak or anyone else for that matter. They'll only know from whatever is presented in the movie. So what difference will it make? It'll all be new to a general viewer.

    Hardcore fans *will* know the difference between a previously unknown villain and a recurring character from the series.

    So if the script calls for a Romulan villain, and if it's appropriate for the story, bring in an existing character.

    The general audience won't know who Sela or Tomalak is? So what? NO ONE knew who Shinzon was, does that mean EVERYONE was alienated and confused? No, we all learn together during the movie. As with TWOK, good writing should be able to allay any backstory issues.
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    Dang Crosby, you got TWO send-off episodes, and an ingenious way of bringing you back (albiet 20 years older)...

    Personally, for Nemesis, I would have had her appear to Picard in silhouette (echoing her first appearance) to warn him of this, that or the other. And that would be it. Not a big role, but a little nod.

    Or barring that, could have even made her Nero's dead wife...but that would have been a bit much maybe.
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    First Contact didn't seem to have much of an issue, and that was TNG's most popular movie. You can quickly bring the general audience up to speed, but you don't want to ignore your core audience either. That's actually something I feel cynical regarding Abrams trek. It just doesn't feel like this current state of Trek is for me, yet I would love to see Star Trek return in some form and what Abrams is doing is the best we have.
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    Agreed, however in hindsight Nemesis was a spectacular failure on many, many levels. At the very least it could have been a fan pleaser or a money maker from Joe six pack. In the end it was neither.

    I'll drink to that! The spirit of Star Trek flared in it's "trap of the week" scenario and nearly always left the viewers with some sort of philosophy to ruminate over. JJ's Trek is all about fun and explosions, but afterward what is there to linger over? Nothing. You don't sit around the dinner table and debate the themes and depths of a summer popcorn flick!

    Nice as JJ's Trek is, it is no substitute for Trek on TV.
    On topic: (;))

    Lieutenant Worf: You are favored in the ship's pool.
    Lt. Tasha Yar: You bet on me?
    Lieutenant Worf: A sure thing.

    Even Worf knew to trust in Tasha Yar.
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    As usual, it's more the execution of the stories that makes or break them. First Contact was probably the best TNG movie, but only because the other ones are so mediocre. First Contact made a good call to properly balance the action and suspense with some light comedy. Preferably I would have liked to see a Trek movie done in a very serious tone.

    Using canon is easy if you know how to pick and choose good pieces of canon that will enhance a story properly.

    The only reason Abrams' Trek is doing well is because Paramount finally coughed up a budget worthy of making a Trek movie.

    I would have loved to see a TNG movie with that kind of budget, and a simple sci-fi action storyline, instead of the horrible comedic misses and cringe worthy scenes.

    Abrams' Trek is closer to the roots of this, which is why it was successful.
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    Agreed. Nemesis had a lot of problems, but not wrapping up every little Romulan plot thread from the series was not one of them.

    I mean, come on. The reunification storyline was not exactly the most exciting one of the series, and while The Defector was an excellent episode, hardly anyone remembers or cares that there was supposed to be a freakin letter delivered somewhere. Lol

    I do agree it would have been awesome to see Tomalak again (or the Romulan chick from Face of the Enemy). But those wouldn't have required any explanation, and could have simply been some familiar faces for the fans to see.

    They also would have made for MUCH better villains than Shinzon.
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    The only way I would've stomached Sela in Nemesis is if she appeared as one of the doomed senators in the Romulan senate at the opening of the film. i just can't stand the character.
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    Abrams Trek is Star Trek, and it is awesome.

    Roddenberry Trek is Star Trek, and it is awesome.

    Moore Trek is Star Trek, and it is awesome.

    Berman/Braga Trek is Star Trek, and it is watchable.

    They are all totally different Treks, IMO. If you see it that way you have no reason to get mad about contradictions. Trekkies love to see Star Trek as this one big unified universe, but what's the point? It's entertainment.

    It's true you don't write a movie by bogging yourself down in series canon. But Nemesis did pretty poorly at the box office, no? There's a balance to strike between the two, weaving it into existing storylines and canon and still making it something that stands well on it's own. That's why First Contact was successful, it did exactly that. carried all the bad weight from the series and none of the good weight, and carried itself out in a way that reminded you more of a B action flick except with old people than of Star Trek.

    Abrams Trek...yeah, they tend to just beam in and shoot everyone instead of winning by superior wit like Kirk did. But it still captures the spirit of original Trek in a way that feels like a good modern movie.

    Sela in Nemesis? Well, would have been better than Picard's vampire half brother, at least.
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    Evil twins and more evil twins...TNG already had an evil twin Logan/Berman/Spiner.

    Combine Shinzon and B4 and you get...Lore. Couldn't have been worse. He frees Sela from the Reman mines, tempts the Romulans with Borg technology to get access to the Scimitar, replaces their crew with Remans and there you have it. Sounds dumb? Still better than Nemesis.
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    Have you seen the Next Generation XXX porn film? That story was better than Nemesis. And...
    Even involved Tasha Yar!!! :rofl: